Thalia – VIVA! Tour – New York

I’m going to skip the Houston concert for now, since I’m still waiting for
that charming Mexican to send me his review… but in the meantime, let’s talk about her concert last night, shall we?


I’ve only watched two videos and in my opinion it was the best one so far, I mean… her Seduccion, A quien le importa & Arrasando ending was epic! E-P-I-C, I say! It’s my fault for not paying much attention to the videos of her previous concerts, but this one just blew my mind! This incredibly awesome video made me love her more than ever ♥

I can’t even find words to express how much I loved it and enjoyed it! Her energy, her passion, her voice, her crazy and adorable dances, everything about it is perfect ♥

Ok, now that I’ve let all that out 😀 let’s see… some of the night’s highlights were her surprise duet with Victor Manuelle on “Con los anos que me quedan” and Pedro Capo’s “comeback” – I’m glad see him perform with Thalia again 🙂 – as well as the big flower she got from her fans and the fact that she took off her shoes while singing her telenovelas medley.






In case you’re wondering about the set list, you can find it here, apparently it was 5 songs shorter than the one in Chicago…

What else can I say? I’m sure everyone had a great time, I wish I could have been there too… and to sum it all up, let me just say that Thalia sigue ARRASANDO!



Thanks once again MDCThalia for the info & the yellow flower pic and Erika Thalía for the rest of the photos.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Wyroni
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 12:24:10

    La más perfecta de todas las musas de este mundo!!


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