Thalia – VIVA! Tour – Mexico City (1st concert) Photo Gallery

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The Queen is back at her kingdom! No, this is not a history lesson, although Thalia certainly made history last night for the 10.000 people present at Mexico City’s National Auditorium, the media and fans worldwide!


The show was definitely greater than any of the previous ones, worthy of such a big audience, the set list was long enough and had a few changes, like her duet with Yuri on “Mujeres” and the addition of songs like “La Apuesta” – with Erik Rubin of course! or
“Hoy ten miedo de mi” and “No soy el aire” ♥


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Speaking of Yuri, remember my post in which I was trying to figure out why Thalia hasn’t done any duets with female artists? Now Yuri’s the first one to have shared the stage (and not just any stage) with her! And Maria Jose’s next, tomorrow night.

Also, the awesome news is that the concert was recorded for a DVD!! I read about it a few days ago, but I didn’t know where the news had come from so I waited for it to get official, and it did! That’s perfect!

What I also find impressive is the fact that so many people have traveled from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and many other countries to be with Thalia in her homeland and see her perform there, it’s somehow surreal for me to see people I’ve known from Twitter for a long time get together, take pictures and spend time “in real life”, while I’m still at home watching them through a computer. I wish I could have been there too… 🙂

Just take a look at this picture:


And this one!


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the fans also gave Thalia a nice surprise, by holding up some white balloons during “Habitame Siempre”!


Well, that’s about all, can’t wait for some videos to come out, until the DVD is ready those will be more than enough hehe

Thalia will make history once again tonight, I’m sure the second concert at the National Auditorium is going to be as spectacular as this one!


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  1. Mariel
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 12:56:22

    the news about the DVD can be found here (Sabías que…?)

    once again… always thank you doing the details and all that, things I always have hard time doing LOL


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