Todo es posible: Tayra meets Thalia

A year and a half ago I wrote this post, #QueroThaliaETayraNoSBT to show my support to Tayra, a person that had impressed me with her passion and love for Thalia and with everything she’d done to fulfill her dream of meeting her one day. I was absolutely, 100% sure that Thalia knew how much she meant to her and that one day I’d be writing another post about how that dream came true. And guess what? I was right!

I just read Tayra’s post about how everything happened, from her second video a friend of hers made to show Thalia once again how important she is to Tayra, to her trip to Mexico to see her in concert and meet her personally during the Meet & Greet. The best thing about all this is that Thalia personally told her about the M&G and specifically arranged for Tayra to be as closer to her as possible, giving her the special encounter she had been waiting for during all those years.

Just like everyone’s been telling Tayra, she is indeed a “living proof that dreams do come true when you have faith” and I’m really happy for her, and at the same time I’m grateful she shared her beautiful story, which made me admire and love Thalia even more.
Thank you, Tayra!


Here’s a link to the post translated with Google Translate to English, I recommend you to read it, it’s great!


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