What has Thalia been up to lately? (5)

Hahaha I can’t believe this is the 5th time I’m writing a post like this! And I think it’s going to be a loooong one, cause Thalia’s been up to A LOT over the past couple of months (yeah, that’s when I last posted something about her), I only have about 10-11 things to talk about, so let’s just get started 😀


After the Costume Institute Gala back in May, Thalia attended a few more events, like the inauguration of the “Rain Room” at the Museum of Modern Art – more pics here – or the Robin Hood Foundation Gala, the “most successful and important gala in town” according to her. Unfortunately, event photographers don’t seem to think the same way, so we don’t have pics of her other than the one she shared on Instagram.


Like the big Broadway fan she is, she also attended the Tony Awards, but I’m going to talk about that a bit later, you’ll see why 😛

After all the work she’d done in the past months, Thalia and her family deserved a vacation and what better destination than Florida? She must have discovered an incredibly fast way of travelling, as her “Bye bye NY http://instagram.com/p/ZTHV_gq2D6/” and “Hello Florida!!!!! http://instagram.com/p/ZTHbw8q2EA/” tweets were only a minute apart hahaha

She had a nice time on the beach and posted some beautiful photos (as always) and continued her holiday in NY, where she spent some quality time with her friend Yolanda Andrade and a wonderful white horse ♥



What Thalia apparently didn’t know was that during the time she spent in Florida, paparazzi were watching her and her kids as they were spending time together in a park or at the beach, resulting in a series of photographs published in the TVNotas magazine. When the magazine came out everyone was so excited to see new pics of Thalia’s children, but I could tell right away that they were paparazzi pics and felt somehow upset that they had invaded her privacy like that, knowing how much Thalia’s been protecting her kids from the lens of the cameras. Well, in the end, after seeing the pics herself, Thalia didn’t have much options and decided to share a few on Instagram, one being precisely out of the ones found in the magazine. In a later interview, she told that those photographs had really taken her by surprise and since they were out there and her children looked so gorgeous, she had to post some herself. Click here if you want to see the magazine scans.


This is by far one of the best photos Thalia’s ever shared on Instagram!

After returning from her vacation, Thalia decided it was time for a change and posted a pic from Rita Hazan’s hair saloon. I honestly didn’t give it much importance until the next day, when I saw a headline saying “Thalia shocks with her new look!” and for a moment I thought she had gone for a shorter hairstyle. But no, in fact she chose to dye her hair blonde, causing an avalanche of comments.

Meet Thalia Rubio 😀


I gotta admit, her first Instagram photos of her new look were rather confusing, as I couldn’t tell exactly what type of blonde her new look was because of the different lights and photo effects, so I was really looking forward to seeing her new look “in action” at some event. My wish came true with the Tony Awards photos (see, that’s why I saved the topic for later), but to this day, her hair color remains a mystery to me, as it seems to be a different type of blonde every time I look at it 😀 One thing’s for sure, she chose it on one hand as a tribute to her mother and on the other hand because she thought it was a good way to welcome summer and have fun!

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Check out NuestraThalia‘s gallery for more high quality photos!

I think that’s enough of her personal life, let’s get back to “business”. Thalia recently participated in a P&G project, continuing her collaboration with Pampers dedicated to the Latina moms, surprising and spending some time with a few of them and their cute babies. Go here for more info, adorable photos and interviews.

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Speaking of motherhood, Thalia’s book for children is finally getting its place in the spotlight, with the title and the release date having been announced a while ago. Everything about this book is funny, from the uninspired first title “Chupo – Chupo (which was later changed to Chupie): The Binky That Returned Home” to the story idea, inspired by Thalia’s struggles to get Sabrina to give up her pacifier. Thalia’s also involved a lot of time in designing the illustrations and finding someone perfect for doing them and it seems that kids will not only be able to enjoy her book, but also a special album made just for them, with songs of her childhood and of her children’s childhood as well. It’s going to be interesting to see the final result of all this, we only have to wait until November 7.

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

And since I mentioned a new album, I should also say that a new version of Habitame Siempre (CD + DVD) was released in Mexico, containing her first HS concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NY and a special backstage video.


But wait, there’s more! hahaha Apparently Thalia’s working on another DVD, this one with the Mexico concert(s). I just wonder, with all these DVDs, will here be another tour date or that was it?


Going from Thalia the writer and singer to the radio host, Thalia’s been named (for the third time, I think) as one of Radio Ink’s “Most Influential Women in Radio” thanks to everything she does on her show, Conexion Thalia.

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Well, there are only a few things left to talk about, Thalia’s pink photo shoot for People en Espanol – I was a bit disappointed they didn’t choose her for the “Los mas bellos” this year, but this should be great to see as well – and that her participation at this year’s edition of Premios Juventud has been confirmed, where she’ll be singing Manias (I still hope she’ll chose a different song by then, Atmosfera would be perfect summer song for it and for the next single). I also hope she gets all the 4 awards she’s been nominated for 😀


Thalia’s getting really close to reaching 5 million followers on Twitter, her FB page has long passed 3 million likes and you know what this means! A 30 min Twitcam she promised a few months ago! I personally would prefer a different choice, like a SpreeCast or a Google+ Hangout, with fans chosen randomly at that moment, it would be much more interesting and we’d avoid the constant “Say hello to me!” and “When are you coming to my country?” If only these ideas would get to her…


Phew, and I think that’s it! It only took me about 2 hours to make this post hehe, but I’m glad I caught up with what Thalia’s been doing and hopefully made up to you for all the posts I didn’t write at their time. Thanks NuestraThalia for constantly posting news about Thalia (unlike me haha) otherwise it would have probably taken me 4 hours to write this post 😀 and thanks to the person who helped me get “back on track” and find once again the enthusiasm for writing on my blog, which I had lost somewhere on the way during these last two months.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed this post!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 17:31:31

    ‘Thalia Rubio’ lol never thought that will ever happen haha

    You were right. Thalia’s been named for 3 times in a row now as one of the most influential women in radio by Radio Ink (I just havent posted the one from 2012)

    I’m excited about PJ!! it’s been like half a decade since she was there. Not so much about her performance… unless they’ll change it to Atmosfera or any other song other than Manias (& Con los anos and Besame lol)

    On the pic with the horse.. now I think I get it. Thalia’s the one on the left.. not the one nearer & holding the horse.. right? XD ‘coz before, whenever Im looking at it, I always say the girl on the left (which I think is Yolanda) looks like Thalia ‘coz of the smile & teeth.. & the girl with the shades doesnt look like Thalia.. I dont know, I just thought Thalia’s the one with shades coz she’s in the middle & she shared it on her Instagram/Twitter. oh well dont mind me hahaha

    Im so excited for the People Espanol feature.. I’m very ready for that (just for you guys!! :D)

    Oh, and the Twitcam. I like your suggestion for live cam… something like the Vevo chat.. if only she can think that too 😀


    • anamariao7
      Jun 28, 2013 @ 19:09:55

      I just realized that Premios Juventud are pretty playback-ish… now I’m really not looking forward to it anymore, no matter the song she sings 😐

      about the pic with Yolanda Andrade hahahaha actually the first time I saw it, it took me a second to realize that Thalia was on the left side, not the one holding the horse’s head LOL and now as I posted it I actually thought of mentioning how much they look alike, but I forgot 😀

      hehe I have no idea when that People en Espanol thing has to come out, but I can’t wait to see it on your site 😀

      the Twitcam alternative would be nice, but I doubt she’s going to do it haha


  2. Mariel
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 20:45:34

    At least it took you a second who’s Thalia & Yolanda there… me, just now when reading this post haha

    aaaactually… I’m more looking forward for Maite Perroni’s performance, which most probably playback too as you said. Not really into bachata & her singing voice sounds too computer generated or something on her latest single… I’m just glad to see her on new stuff.. & she looks more awesome these days http://youtu.be/BwJkwCom5uo ! *ok i shut up before i may sound a maite fantard lol*

    oh!! as for the Chupi promotion already started… wonder what songs she’ll put on that kiddie cd she’s talking about. . yeah she said classic… so I guess still cover songs? haha she might do something like http://youtu.be/BwJkwCom5uo XD *ughh i heard that ‘desde uno, dos, tres..’, again, earworm lol*


    • anamariao7
      Jun 28, 2013 @ 21:04:55


      I’ve never listened to a Maite Perroni solo song before this one (I didn’t even know she was in RBD… was she? LOL), which I found out about a few days ago and honestly I wasn’t impressed at all 😀

      about her “kiddie cd” (aaaw, I love how that sounds) it will most definitely be covers, I doubt she started writing kids music now hahaha it would be nice to have a 2013 version of “Hijita mia” though… and I don’t know what video you meant to post there, but I’m pretty sure Maite’s “Tu y yo” would not make the best kids song hahahaha


      • Mariel
        Jun 28, 2013 @ 22:20:16

        damn.. the last video link should be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSap6Ft9lKg XD *too many open tabs on my browser, forgot to ctrl+c!* yeah, she’s a former RBD. I do think she sang better on RBD days… it’s just that her voice on this Tu y yo is sooo not sound natural. *if you’re curious about her past vocals..* For her solo, I like her in Ave Maria (from her novela Ciudado con el angel if im not mistaken). Solo in RBD Cuando el amor se acaba, Empezar desde cero (the music video of this is kinda cute for me XD), Naci para amarte, Tal vez manana. They’ve manage to perform at Miss Universe 2007 which is a shame for me as I wasnt a fan of them back then ahaha

        anyway.. back to Lady T!! who knows, one of these days she tweet again something like ‘in the studio writing music!’ lol I’m still looking forward on how she will gonna pull off this kiddie cd, it’s just that we shouldnt expect that we’ll see them on music charts or seeing her performing it on an awards show.. & a bachata remix! XD

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