Tgag no. 13

When you realize that Thalia starting working on a new album right now probably means…


no more VIVA! Tour (?), no more Habitame Siempre singles (?) and who knows what other awful stuff:


Tgag no. 12

When this happened:


F.A.N.S all over the world:


Poll: Habitame Siempre’s 3rd single

It’s a lazy Saturday and I don’t have any better ideas for a post, so here’s a question for you:

Which song would you like to be the 3rd single of “Habitame Siempre”?

Cual cancion quisieras que fuera el 3er sencillo de “Habitame Siempre”?

Let’s see how many votes we can get!

Gifs: Thalia at Premios Juventud

Thalia at Premios Juventud 2013

After the great time Thalia had in Aspen last week, she traveled to Miami for the highly anticipated Premios Juventud, which took place last night.

The day before the show, Thalia went to the rehearsals wearing a provocative yet classy outfit and showing off her nice tan 😀 She also gave a couple of interviews and spent some quality time with the guys from MDCThalia.

While people were saying things like “her body language says No soy el aire” or were hoping for a performance of Atmosfera or Ojala, Thalia stuck with her original song choice, Manias. Photo Gallery

She arrived on the red beach carpets looking gorgeous as always, her white dress + blonde hair = WIN! She’s a goddess, there’s no doubt about it!

photo courtesy of Huffington Post & Getty Images

And this is what PERFECTION looks like : Photo Gallery

Her performance was wind and mind-blowing (hehe), when it comes to this song Thalia always delivers a terrific performance (and not only this song, but for some reason I’m always in AWE when she performs Manias). She’s simply THE BEST!

(also, she looks better and hotter than any of her friends in this industry

– not giving names –

*caugh* J.Lo

I just had to say it!)

One thing I still can’t believe is that with 4 nominations, she didn’t get a single award. WTF! But I loved what she said during the red carpet interview: “You always nominate me, I never win them, but I LOVE being here!” She’s so full of energy and enthusiasm that nothing else matters! 🙂 She received a beautiful “Reina de Corazones” award on behalf of all of her fans and I bet that’s more special to her then any PJ award. 😉 Photo Gallery

Thanks NuestraThalia for the photos and HD video of the performance, you can find more HQ pics and videos of Thalia’s interviews here.

Photos: Thalia in Aspen


Thalia in Aspen: 2012 vs 2013

It would seem that Aspen, Colorado is one of Thalia’s favorite places to go to, she’s been there many times now and has recently spent a few days with her family there, sharing wonderful photos of that paradise on Earth with all of us.

I absolutely enjoyed seeing them, from the breathtaking scenery to the lovely shots of her and her loved ones, it’s great to see her so happy, isn’t it?

Tgag no. 11

When Thalia posts statuses or tweets like this:



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