Thalia’s 5th Twitcam


Yeah, no “cheesy” title like “A night to remember: Thalia’s 3rd Twitcam” or “4 million hearts brought together by one person: Thalia” this time… cause the only one that comes to my mind is “Thalia’s such a troll! Watch her 5th Twitcam if you don’t believe me!” and that would be just too long 😛

Sooo… after my reaction to the time Thalia had set the Twitcam to, I decided that since I’m on a sort of a holiday right now and usually stay up late, I could do it for a couple of hours more and watch it live. 10 minutes past 3:30 am and I was already sorry I had made that decision LOL

Moving on from the fact that for 20 minutes after the Twitcam should have started, Thalia was still “setting-up”, just when I was about to say “7 more minutes and I’m gone”, the magical link appeared and it was finally time to see her! I noticed a “5m!” in her tweet but at that moment didn’t realize what it meant, until 10 minutes later, when… but wait! let’s talk about the things she said first 😀

Uhm, so Thalia’s been as nice and sweet as always, she talked about how great it’s been to have this means of staying in touch with us in such an intimate way throughout these years, sharing love and support, getting to know us better as we get to know her better as well, things she doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon! Yay!

She also talked about her upcoming DVD, which apparently will be a mix of all of her VIVA Tour concerts, not just the Mexico ones and it’s in the editing process now, about her latest feature in the People en Espanol magazine (loved how she had post-its on her pages hehe), she mentioned her performance at Premios Juventud and her next book, Chupie, as well as the album for kids she’s preparing aaaaand !!! her next album, saying that they’re currently working on it, writing music, creating tons of stuff and lots of surprises for us. Oh boy, I really didn’t expect that, but I sure hope they’re actually writing new music and creating new stuff, her next album has to be an original one, no more covers, please!!

Other than that, it was all about the traditional “hellos” and “kisses”, Thalia kept saying that it was all she could see there (*sigh*) and before we knew it she started saying goodbye, after only 10 minutes! I didn’t even notice her “That’s all folks!” or “Hasta la vista, babies!” haha, at that point I was like “oh, so that’s what that “5m!” meant? what about the 30 min she’d promised?” and “did I really just stay up til 4 am for a 10 minute Twitcam?!” As soon as I finished displaying my disappointment on Twitter and was about to go to bed, guess what?? Thalia was back, laughing at the prank she had just pulled on us! I’m telling you, I’ve never felt so trolled in my life! I was speechless and couldn’t believe she had actually done it!  Although, after the episode of her “sweet dreams” photo, I don’t know why I was even surprised haha


The Twicam continued with a couple of more interesting info, like her songs in Portuguese she recorded a while back, which are now at the record company in Brazil, waiting for the perfect moment to be released. There’s a duet there, I wonder with whom… Maybe Leo Rodriguez on Atmosfera? Hope so! And that she’s happy with her two kids and doesn’t plan on having a third one right now 🙂 Had a “deja-vu” moment when she showed her bracelets, just like in her 3rd Twitcam, I really liked that!

And that was about all, to those of you who missed it, hope you found this post useful 😀

Now it’s time for me to start pouring some thoughts about the never-ending polemic regarding the “questions” people ask during Thalia’s Twitcams. You might not like what I have to say, but anyway…

First of all, days before the Twitcam was set, people were already trying to spread the word that we have to ask her real questions and stop with the hellos and kisses, and how many of us did so? Way too few! Or at least it seemed that way, cause all Thalia and other people could see were those h&k tweets. As soon as the first 10 minutes were up and Thalia decided to end the Twitcam, many of those who had asked real questions started blaming the others for “scaring her away” with their h&k tweets. But why is it that we’re always out-numbered by those people? I know for sure that there were lots of fans who were determined to put those silly things away and focus on what’s important, but their tweets got lost in the avalanche of h&k ones. I’ve been saying it for a long, long time: there are better alternatives to Twitcams! Yes, the Twitcam was a good idea when Thalia had 1 or 2 million followers (although seriously, now I think it’s a good idea only for artists and actors that have less than 100.000 followers) but we’re 5 million now! OK, in fact only about 2000 people were actually participating in the Twitcam, but still, it’s a lot of tweets! And guess what? The h&k will always, ALWAYS be there! As much as many of us want to have an interesting Q&A Twitcam, it’s not going to happen unless something changes! And instead of complaining so much about them and giving up asking and reading real questions, why not try to find better solutions?

Like I said, there’s Spreecast, there’s Google+ Hangout, Thalia’s done one before (plus the VEVO Ask:Reply) and it was great, why not repeat it in the privacy of her home? Sure, only a bunch of people would be lucky enough to talk to her, but honestly only a bunch of people get answers to their real questions during Twitcams as well, so it would be just the same, without the loads of h&k tweets (although I’m sure those lucky one would also ask for some, for friends who didn’t get the chance to talk to her etc, that’s understandable, but I’m also sure they wouldn’t waste too much time on that). Or, if we should stick to Twitcams, after 5 of them with so many h&k and tweets that go by so fast it’s difficult to read them all and find better ones, here’s an idea: Thalia could do her Twitcams with the help of someone, have someone there to read through the tons of tweets and patiently scroll through them and select the best ones, avoiding the h&k ones, while Thalia answers a question, there would be enough time to search for another in the meantime (see Ooooor, people could send their questions under a hashtag a few hours or days before the Twitcam, the same person would collect them and select the best ones for Thalia to answer during the Twitcam. How about that? I’m not even reinventing the wheel right now, this type of Q&A has been done so many times before, why not do it too? And these are just a couple of ideas, imagine how many more we could all come up with! If only they’d get to Thalia as well…

I think that’s enough for now, thanks for reading this! And thanks to Thalia Novelas for the Youtube videos of the Twitcam.


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  2. Mariel
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 14:12:28

    So thats what she talked about. Tried to ‘listen’ on the video buuuut cant get any lol

    There’s indeed another album from her, other than that kiddie cd (thought they mean the same thing on some of the recent articles). Would not expect much for now.. & there she goes with ‘writing music’ haha

    Another duet again? Her Brazilian & Portuguese fans surely were eager to hear it!!

    She doesnt plan to have another baby for now? So I guess those song media articles are quite wrong since I’ve been reading that she want’s another baby… maybe trauma ‘coz of that lawsuit?? XD

    She should think about other alternatives, or her team too… for better experience!!


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