Equivocada with more than 50 million views on Youtube

Back in 2011, I was writing a similar post, at that time Equivocada had over 20 million views (taking into consideration only the official channels). Things have changed a little bit and now there’s only one channel featuring the official video, with nearly 35.000.000 views, so I though to myself: I bet with the other versions, the total passes 50 million!

So I did a simple Youtube search and selected only the top 10 videos of the song (leaving out the karaoke or cover versions):


And the total is…



And if I reached this total only by looking at the top 10 videos, can you imagine what the actual one might be? This makes Equivocada one, if not THE most successful songs of Thalia’s career, at least when it comes to Youtube views, and I can only say I’m really happy about that! Also, like Thalia would say, “Let’s listen to it one more time!” 😀


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