Preview: Thalia – Cuando nadie me ve

A while ago Thalia revealed on Instagram that she was working on one of Alejandro Sanz’s songs, “Cuando nadie me ve“.


The song is featured on a special tribute album to Sanz, “Y si fueran ellas”, which counts with the participation of 13 renown female singers who give a new life to his songs through their voices.

The album is set to be released on November 18 and until then, we can enjoy this preview:


Bajo la tesitura de su delicado y atractivo registro vocal, Thalía dibuja los secretos que se cobijan entre los renglones de Cuando Nadie Me Ve.

With the texture of her delicate and attractive vocal register, Thalia draws the secrets that wrap up among the lines of Cuando Nadie Me Ve.

Esta famosa cantante y actriz mexicana, a partir de una melodía mecida por lo clásico y salpicada por sonidos electrónicos, reconstruye los ritmos de esta canción, originándose así una nueva concepción de este tema, pero sin dejar caer en el olvido su legítima naturaleza.

This famous Mexican singer and actress, starting with a melody moved by the classic and sprinkled by electronic sounds, reconstructs the rhythms of this songs, which gives rise to a new conception of this composition, without letting its authentic nature fall into oblivion.

Cuando Nadie Me Ve es una declaración sincera de lo que se siente en esos momentos en los que buscas tu propia identidad.

Cuando Nadie Me Ve is a sincere declaration of what you’re going through when you’re searching for your own identity.

Cuando tomas de la mano a esa, a veces, tan necesitada soledad, es cuando percibes que realmente puedes desnudarte por dentro y por fuera, mostrándote a ti mismo cuál es tu verdadera existencia.

When you take the hand of that, sometimes, much needed loneliness, that’s when you are aware that you can really strip on the inside and outside, revealing to yourself what your true existence is.

Thalía, calificada como una de las voces más poderosas del pop latino, hace una interpretación que invita al recogimiento.

Thalia, qualified as one of the most powerful voices of Latin pop, makes an interpretation which invites to contemplation.

source, translation by me (whoever wrote this is a very poetic soul…)

After having listened to the preview and read the wonderful description above, I’m really looking forward to the full song!


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