New photos of Thalia’s children

Thalia gave an interview on The Today Show this morning about her latest book, Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home and to our delight, she also shared some photos of her kids, Sabrina Sakae, now age 6 and her little brother Matthew Alejandro, who’s 2 years old (boy, they are growing up so fast!)

Sabrina was the one who inspired this book and according to what Thalia said during the interview, Matthew is at the perfect age for saying goodbye to his Chupie and sending it back to BinkyLandia, I wonder if his sister helped him with that or if they just used the book 😀

Look at them, aren’t they just adorable?

Click here to watch the interview.


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  1. Mariel
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 17:59:56

    And dont’ forget, as Oleandra says, we finally see Sabrina smiling!!

    at first I thought it’s a different kid.. playmate perhaps.. but I dont think Thalia will not share a pic of her kids with different kid/s with them lol

    Matthew is so so so adorable, everybody can agree with that!!


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  4. Mariel
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 19:01:47

    oh yeah… guess we are used seeing her frowning and all haha they seems getting along soooo well Sabrina looks way way way different when she smile!!


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