Thalia Guest Co-Host on The View

photo: ABC / Latin Times

In case you missed Thalia on The View on November 25, here’s the recording, courtesy of

If in my previous post I said that “if Thalia were to become a permanent host on The View, I’d be more than happy with it”, I now take that back 😀 And don’t get me wrong, she did an amazing job as I expected, but after watching that video I came to the conclusion that I’d rather see her hosting her own TV show. Like Latin Times wrote, there were moments when it was difficult for her to talk and it bugged me to see her trying to say something and stopping after a couple of words because the other ladies won’t stop talking and listen to her! Nonetheless, she kept smiling and didn’t seem to be bothered at all and I liked that a lot. Leaving that and the awkward moment with Niecy Nash aside, I enjoyed her participation on the show, her great personality, her energy and positive vibe can’t be denied and so I’d love to see her doing her own thing.


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  1. Mariel
    Nov 30, 2013 @ 16:56:11

    Told you, never like that show because of those girls talking nonstop :3 … although I like that blond girl who looks nerd on her glass haha & like you, she’s better hosting her own TV show. At least she handled it well.

    By the way, it’s not actually ‘recording’, that’s the actual video downloaded from Hulu.. & that’s the highest quality you can get of that show XD


    • anamariao7
      Nov 30, 2013 @ 17:36:36

      I actually hadn’t watched the show before but when that article came out I thought it would be a good idea if she were to become a permanent host… until I watched it and saw how the 4 other ladies talk so much covering up each other or going from subject to subject without any pause, one moment they’re talking about something funny and two seconds later about some sad news

      by “recording” I meant that it’s the video of the show (which was then live and now’s recorded) I just didn’t wanna use the word video haha not that you recorded it from somewhere 😀


  2. Mariel
    Nov 30, 2013 @ 19:37:06

    I know about that show & seen some of it but havent watched a complete episode except this Thalia episode… & seen some reviews & comments that this show is not good because of the way those girls talked. That’s why I thought it’s a joke when she announce she’ll be guesting there. The show is like some common chitchat session of chismosas lol

    ok, i get it.. ‘coz for me ‘recording’ is like recording using a screencapture program like what i do on some videos that are difficult to download 😀


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