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I was looking forward to this, as I was pleasantly surprised with last year‘s review. Got some interesting stats, check them out!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who visited my blog in 2013!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 130,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

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Thalia in 2013 (4) – Magazine features and Instagram shots

Hello again! This is the last part of my series of posts titled “Thalia in 2013”, as you’ve already seen, Thalia’s done a lot of things this year so it’s no surprise that the number of photo shoots for magazines was reduced. Thankfully, Thalia compensated with lots of Instagram photos (over 1000) so I had plenty to choose from!

So, in January Thalia was featured on the covers of Teve and Pasion magazines and we got to see two incredibly beautiful photos of her:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Thalia also appeared in Circulo Mixup the same month and we got to see more photos from that second photo shoot:NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Another photo was then featured on the Solo para ti cover in February:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

And some more in an online article by Excelsior, published in April:


To be honest, that is one of my all time favorite photo shoots with Thalia, I’m absolutely in love with those pictures!

Other than that, the only important magazine feature was People en Espanol’s pink Ponte Bella, in July:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

I’m sure Thalia was featured in other magazines in 2013, but since the covers or photos weren’t new or exclusive, I lost track of them. Nevertheless, the ones I presented here are by far some of the best she’s had so far, don’t you agree?

And here comes my favorite part, the Instagram photos! Thalia posted over 1.000 pictures in 2013, which varied from selfies, to holiday photos, family photos, fan made ones and pictures edited by Thalia herself. If last year I posted some of my favorites, this year I thought I’d post the ones that Thalia’s followers liked the most. Now, I tried to avoid re-posts and edited photos and I tried to choose only the ones with the most likes for every month, but naturally I may have missed some or made some errors, so I apologize for that in advance. But know that I did my best to find all of them and even doubled the number of choices for the months where many of the photos had over 14.000 likes. Ok, enough talk, here are Thalia’s most liked Instagram photos, click on them for full size and the number of likes:













And that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading “Thalia in 2013”! See you in 2014! 😀

Thalia in 2013 (3) – Events

2013 has definitely been a busy, busy year for Thalia, with all the Performances and music releases and lots of Interviews, she also attended more than 20 different events! From charity galas to Broadway opening nights, from red carpets to fashion events, Thalia looked stunning every time, so let’s admire once again her natural beauty and wonderful appearances!

Back in February (it seems such a long time ago), Thalia attended the Eighth Annual ForEverglades Benefit in Palm Beach, Florida:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

The same month, she performed at Premio Lo Nuestro, looking worthy of her “Empress of Beauty” title on the red carpet:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

In March, Thalia looked absolutely enchanting at the Cadena Dial awards in Tenerife, Spain:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

We have four events in April, starting with the Time for Lyme Gala, where Thalia was honored by the Lyme Research Alliance for being an inspiration to many people.


About a week later, Thalia and Tommy went out for two musicals on Broadway, Matilda the Musical:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

and Motown: The Musical, where Thalia wore the same dress her mother did on the day of her baptism:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

The fourth event of the month was The Way to WIN Dinner Gala, where Thalia adopted a different style:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

In May, Thalia made one of my all time favorite appearances with her stellar punk look at the Costume Institute Gala:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

She then attended the special celebration of the premiere of Rain Room at The Museum of Modern Art:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

and later on, the 25th Annual Robin Hood Foundation Gala, unfortunately we only have this photo that she took herself:


Thalia’s first appearance at an event after she changed her hair color to blonde was at the Tony Awards, in June.

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

The same month, she took part in the special event organized by P&G and Pampers and dedicated her time to mothers and their children:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

In July, Thalia competed with the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, at Premios Juventud 😀

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Going to September, Thalia and her husband went to Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2014 Women’s Collection presentation during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

The couple also attended the Restoration Hardware private concert, RH Music, a few days later:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Thalia had an important role in the celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month at Macy’s and she was honored with the Icon of Style award:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

She also had two different encounters with fans, from the tiniest ones to the adults. Cute alert! 🙂


And speaking of children, here’s Thalia at the launch party of her book dedicated to them, held in November:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Also, this photo at the Mexico Teleton shouldn’t go unmentioned:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

And we’ve finally reached December, the month with two of the most important events in Thalia’s life: the vows renewal after 13 years of marriage and the Walk of Fame star ceremony!


NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Soon after that, Macy’s announced their new brand, titled “Thalia Sodi” and celebrated Thalia’s WoF star:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Thalia then participated in Macy’s 5th Annual National Believe Day for Make-A-Wish celebration:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

and performed for the USA Teleton:


Phew! That’s all folks! I think… Sorry if I missed any event, I tried my best not to 😀 What are your favorite looks that Thalia delighted us with in 2013? My top 3 would be the Costume Insitute Gala, the Premios Juventud and the Tony Awards!

Like I said in the beginning, Thalia’s natural beauty is undeniable and it’s always a pleasure to follow her public appearances (and take a look back at them) as she looks breathtaking every single time.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, there’s one more on its way and with that “Thalia in 2013” will be over!

PS: Make sure you check out the hyperlinks in this post for more photos and information about the events mentioned.

Thalia in 2013 (2) – Interviews

Like I said in yesterday’s post, it’s time to take a look back at Thalia’s 2013 interviews! There’s been plenty of them and I obviously can’t go through all of them, but nonetheless they are worth mentioning 🙂

In February, as Thalia’s album Habitame Siempre was released in Spain, she gave a radio interview for Cadena Dial:

[audio http://mediablog.cadenadial.com/dial_tal_cual/files/2013/02/escucha-la-ENTREVISTA-THALIA-aqui.mp3]

A month later, Thalia traveled to Spain for the Cadena Dial awards and was also invited to a morning tv show, where she handled graciously the questions, at times condescending, of the hosts:

She also did another promotional interview for Habitame Siempre, you can find it here.

Now let’s jump straight to June, when Thalia talked a lot about her change of hair color and about her children, during the event organized by Pampers and P&G, you can find more videos here.

In July, we got to see Thalia from the privacy of her home, as she celebrated her 5 million followers on Twitter with a Twitcam:

August brought an important interview for Thalia’s Filipino fans, as she finally got in touch with Anthony Taberna through Skype, for his tv show Tapatan ni Tunying. Read all about it and find more videos here!

In September, as she was honored with an Icon of Style award by Macy’s, Thalia talked about fashion, style and the Hispanic heritage:

Finally, November was the busiest month for Thalia when it comes to interviews, given that her children’s book was released and she put a lot of work into promoting it in the US, going from The Today Show to Raising America, Good Day NY and my favorite, HuffPost Live:

More Chupie interviews here and here!

The same month, Thalia was a guest co-host on The View and according to LatinTimes‘ poll, over 150.000 people thought she did a terrific job 😀

Well, that’s about it! Like always, Thalia doesn’t hold back when it comes to interviews and keeping up with all of them is a pretty difficult task, I honestly don’t know how she does it! Besides, talking about the same things over and over again would drive me crazy hehe But no matter what, Thalia makes sure she spreads the word of her projects and reaches more and more people and that’s something to appreciate and admire!

Thanks for reading, post no. 3 – Events is coming soon!

Thalia in 2013 (1) – Performances and music releases

Welcome to the 4th annual “Thalia in *insert year here*”, a series of posts I started in 2010, comprising a look back at the most important moments that Thalia’s had throughout the year, which of course delighted us as fans. It’s definitely one of my favorite things on this blog, so let’s get started!

2013’s been a great year music wise (and not only), Thalia performed at multiple award shows, released three albums and different collaborations AND went on tour for the first time in the past 10 years!

In February, she performed her single “Te Perdiste Mi Amor” with Prince Royce at Premio Lo Nuestro:

Then, in March, she traveled to Spain for the Cadena Dial awards, where she gave one of her best performances of Manias:

March also marked the debut of Thalia’s VIVA! Tour, which consisted of 7 incredible concerts in US theaters and Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional. You can find all my posts about it here.

A month later, we could enjoy Thalia’s duet with Leonel Garcia, of his album “Todas mias”, a beautiful collaboration:

May brought a special edition of Habitame Siempre, a CD+DVD of the album and Thalia’s 2012 concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

In July, Thalia gave another wonderful performance of Manias, this time at Premios Juventud:

Continuing the list of collaborations, Thalia recorded the Portuguese version of “Estoy Enamorado” with Brazilian artist Daniel, the song being first included on his 30 years of career celebration album, released in September.

October introduced us to a new side of Thalia’s music, as she released a lovely children’s song to promote her book “Chupie: El Binky Que Regreso A Su Hogar”:

Thalia’s second album of the year, “Viva Tour En Vivo” hit the stores in November, giving us the chance of enjoying her Auditorio Nacional concerts on CD and DVD. As part of the promotion, Thalia’s duet with Erik Rubin, “La Apuesta” became the new single.

November gave us another treat, as we could enjoy Thalia’s rendition of “Cuando nadie me ve”, featured on the album “Y si fueran ellas” dedicated to Alejandro Sanz:

At the end of the same month, Thalia went back to Mexico for the Teleton, where she gave a joyful show and performed the Chupie song, Manias and Te Perdiste Mi Amor with Prince Royce, the last two remixed.

Finally, Thalia’s third album of 2013, self-titled, was released in Brazil in December, featuring among the tracks three more songs in Portuguese, besides the duet with Daniel I mentioned before.

Thalia took part in the US Teleton as well, performing “Tomame o Dejame” on a cold December night and this was probably her last performance of the year.

In conclusion, Thalia spent a fair amount of time on stage and in the studio in 2013, giving us plenty of opportunities to enjoy her beautiful voice and I’m looking forward to more in 2014!

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the next one, Interviews!

Thalia at Teleton USA 2013


photo: Univision

After participating in Mexico’s Teleton at the end of November, it was no surprise that Thalia also joined the cause in New York, performing “Tomame o dejame” in front of a small audience, on a cold December night.


photo: facebook.com/thalia

She looked beautiful as always, with a Christmasy look given by the “red velvet lips”, nail polish and boots 🙂


photo: instagram.com/thalia

I thought I’d post the TV video of the performance, but then I found a couple of front row ones from the people in the crowd and they made me feel like I was there too, so here’s the HD one:

I love that I can hear the sound of her heels on the ground hehe

Also, check out this cool (no pun intended) video  as they were waiting to go live, you can totally see that she was freezing, but she was so nice to everyone, paid attention to the people who went there to see her, made jokes and animated the crowd. Oh, you know me, these little things always make me love her even more ♥

Bonus video: watch Thalia say hello to the people in the audience, taking selfies with them etc 😀

Vote for Thalia on Premio Lo Nuestro

Once again, Thalia is nominated on the Premio Lo Nuestro awards, in the Pop category.

She has three nominations, for Album of the year (Habitame Siempre), Female artist of the year and Song of the year (Te perdiste mi amor feat. Prince Royce).

3 nominations well deserved, at least this award show is able to see that (yes, Latin Grammy, I’m “looking” at you)

We have until December 27 to make sure that Thalia gets those awards, so VOTE!!





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