Thalia at Teleton USA 2013


photo: Univision

After participating in Mexico’s Teleton at the end of November, it was no surprise that Thalia also joined the cause in New York, performing “Tomame o dejame” in front of a small audience, on a cold December night.



She looked beautiful as always, with a Christmasy look given by the “red velvet lips”, nail polish and boots 🙂



I thought I’d post the TV video of the performance, but then I found a couple of front row ones from the people in the crowd and they made me feel like I was there too, so here’s the HD one:

I love that I can hear the sound of her heels on the ground hehe

Also, check out this cool (no pun intended) video  as they were waiting to go live, you can totally see that she was freezing, but she was so nice to everyone, paid attention to the people who went there to see her, made jokes and animated the crowd. Oh, you know me, these little things always make me love her even more ♥

Bonus video: watch Thalia say hello to the people in the audience, taking selfies with them etc 😀


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