Thalia in 2013 (3) – Events

2013 has definitely been a busy, busy year for Thalia, with all the Performances and music releases and lots of Interviews, she also attended more than 20 different events! From charity galas to Broadway opening nights, from red carpets to fashion events, Thalia looked stunning every time, so let’s admire once again her natural beauty and wonderful appearances!

Back in February (it seems such a long time ago), Thalia attended the Eighth Annual ForEverglades Benefit in Palm Beach, Florida: Photo Gallery

The same month, she performed at Premio Lo Nuestro, looking worthy of her “Empress of Beauty” title on the red carpet: Photo Gallery

In March, Thalia looked absolutely enchanting at the Cadena Dial awards in Tenerife, Spain: Photo Gallery

We have four events in April, starting with the Time for Lyme Gala, where Thalia was honored by the Lyme Research Alliance for being an inspiration to many people.


About a week later, Thalia and Tommy went out for two musicals on Broadway, Matilda the Musical: Photo Gallery

and Motown: The Musical, where Thalia wore the same dress her mother did on the day of her baptism: Photo Gallery

The fourth event of the month was The Way to WIN Dinner Gala, where Thalia adopted a different style: Photo Gallery

In May, Thalia made one of my all time favorite appearances with her stellar punk look at the Costume Institute Gala: Photo Gallery

She then attended the special celebration of the premiere of Rain Room at The Museum of Modern Art: Photo Gallery

and later on, the 25th Annual Robin Hood Foundation Gala, unfortunately we only have this photo that she took herself:


Thalia’s first appearance at an event after she changed her hair color to blonde was at the Tony Awards, in June. Photo Gallery

The same month, she took part in the special event organized by P&G and Pampers and dedicated her time to mothers and their children: Photo Gallery

In July, Thalia competed with the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, at Premios Juventud 😀 Photo Gallery

Going to September, Thalia and her husband went to Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2014 Women’s Collection presentation during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Photo Gallery

The couple also attended the Restoration Hardware private concert, RH Music, a few days later: Photo Gallery

Thalia had an important role in the celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month at Macy’s and she was honored with the Icon of Style award: Photo Gallery

She also had two different encounters with fans, from the tiniest ones to the adults. Cute alert! 🙂


And speaking of children, here’s Thalia at the launch party of her book dedicated to them, held in November: Photo Gallery

Also, this photo at the Mexico Teleton shouldn’t go unmentioned: Photo Gallery

And we’ve finally reached December, the month with two of the most important events in Thalia’s life: the vows renewal after 13 years of marriage and the Walk of Fame star ceremony!

Thaliain2013-14 Photo Gallery

Soon after that, Macy’s announced their new brand, titled “Thalia Sodi” and celebrated Thalia’s WoF star: Photo Gallery

Thalia then participated in Macy’s 5th Annual National Believe Day for Make-A-Wish celebration: Photo Gallery

and performed for the USA Teleton:


Phew! That’s all folks! I think… Sorry if I missed any event, I tried my best not to 😀 What are your favorite looks that Thalia delighted us with in 2013? My top 3 would be the Costume Insitute Gala, the Premios Juventud and the Tony Awards!

Like I said in the beginning, Thalia’s natural beauty is undeniable and it’s always a pleasure to follow her public appearances (and take a look back at them) as she looks breathtaking every single time.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, there’s one more on its way and with that “Thalia in 2013” will be over!

PS: Make sure you check out the hyperlinks in this post for more photos and information about the events mentioned.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 17:48:36

    My top are:

    1 – Premios Juventud. Even if it’s plain white, it hugs her nice figure & flatters it so well. I still dont like her blonde here, or maybe she’s tanned here though hehe

    2 – Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2014 Women’s Collection presentation. Love to see her on that yellow dress! And those shoes are killer too!

    3 – Cadena Dial. I like the light pink color (or salmon? XD) on her, makes her look much more younger. The accessories are awesome too. Her hairstyle here is my most favorite. I always want to see her in other hair styles.. I’m bored whenever she always have her hair down like most of her pics here XD

    Worst is the PLN red dress… next is the one on Motown musical.. but that is forgivable for the print & some sentimental value of the outfit XD

    I think I would love the one on Robin Hood, too bad no pics of her :/

    Whatever happened to Mitzy’s sketches the one on TVyNovelas for their renewal of vows? XD But ok, so happy for Thalia on having such a happy married life ^_^


  2. Mariel
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 17:56:46

    I forgot to include above.. the pic with the baby is oh soooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!! *_*


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