Thalia in 2013 (4) – Magazine features and Instagram shots

Hello again! This is the last part of my series of posts titled “Thalia in 2013”, as you’ve already seen, Thalia’s done a lot of things this year so it’s no surprise that the number of photo shoots for magazines was reduced. Thankfully, Thalia compensated with lots of Instagram photos (over 1000) so I had plenty to choose from!

So, in January Thalia was featured on the covers of Teve and Pasion magazines and we got to see two incredibly beautiful photos of her: Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

Thalia also appeared in Circulo Mixup the same month and we got to see more photos from that second photo Photo Gallery

Another photo was then featured on the Solo para ti cover in February: Photo Gallery

And some more in an online article by Excelsior, published in April:


To be honest, that is one of my all time favorite photo shoots with Thalia, I’m absolutely in love with those pictures!

Other than that, the only important magazine feature was People en Espanol’s pink Ponte Bella, in July: Photo Gallery

I’m sure Thalia was featured in other magazines in 2013, but since the covers or photos weren’t new or exclusive, I lost track of them. Nevertheless, the ones I presented here are by far some of the best she’s had so far, don’t you agree?

And here comes my favorite part, the Instagram photos! Thalia posted over 1.000 pictures in 2013, which varied from selfies, to holiday photos, family photos, fan made ones and pictures edited by Thalia herself. If last year I posted some of my favorites, this year I thought I’d post the ones that Thalia’s followers liked the most. Now, I tried to avoid re-posts and edited photos and I tried to choose only the ones with the most likes for every month, but naturally I may have missed some or made some errors, so I apologize for that in advance. But know that I did my best to find all of them and even doubled the number of choices for the months where many of the photos had over 14.000 likes. Ok, enough talk, here are Thalia’s most liked Instagram photos, click on them for full size and the number of likes:













And that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading “Thalia in 2013”! See you in 2014! 😀


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