Thalia’s album certificates in 2013 (Mexico)

Amprofon published their 2013 certificates yesterday and according to them, Thalia is still “arrasando” with her music! Take a look:

Disco de Oro: 30.000
Disco de Platino: 60.000
Disco de Diamante: 300.000








Now, I’m confused (and for that reason I wasn’t sure if I should post this right away or wait a little more), as the first thing some fans haters said was that the Habitame Siempre certificates
(1 Diamond, 3 Platinum, 1 Gold) are in fact Primera Fila’s, while the real HS ones are only 3 Platinum,
1 Gold as showed in the 5th photo. And the fact that even the El proximo viernes and Estoy enamorado photos have the Habitame Siempre cover instead of the Primera Fila one made me doubt the validity of the HS one. So… I’m waiting for some official statement and I’ll update the post if necessary 😀

Update: Amprofon did make a correction eventually, saying that the (1 Diamond, 3 Platinum, 1 Gold) certificate corresponds to Primera Fila. So no Diamond for Habitame Siempre (yet).

Also, I would have loved to write a post about all of the certificates, not just the ones in Mexico, but I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to this topic 😀 So if you happen to have more information, please share it!

Congrats to Thalia for the certificates, they’re totally well deserved!


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