Thalia – Tomame o dejame (Viva Tour)


That smile is soooo Maria la del Barrio after saying or doing something funny 😀

Thanks Sony for giving me something to post about almost every day, if we keep it like this I’ll soon have an improvised Viva Tour DVD review hehe.

The newest addition to the ThaliaVEVO channel is Tomame o dejame, one of my favorites on Habitame Siempre and also the song that made me cry when the Viva Tour debuted in Chicago almost a year ago.

Another great performance, with the same lovely participation of the audience as with Equivocada and with a Thalia sometimes theatrical, sometimes adorable (see photo above), perfectly interpreting the lyrics and the story of this song.

What I just realized about this DVD is that it has so many elements hidden in plain sight thanks to the way it’s been edited, giving the viewer the opportunity to discover something new each time you watch it.

So look closely… 🙂

Tgag no. 16

As I was watching the Atmosfera video for my post, I realized that Katy Perry did it again!

After copying Thalia’s 1993 Love performance at the 2013 VMAs,


as well as the cover of her album El sexto sentido,


now there’s this:


not to mention that Thalia did the whole Egypt thing back in 1992 (yes, it was also Love)

Shame on you, Katy Perry! 😀


This post is dedicated to all those who actually believe that Katy Perry is copying Thalia.

Video: Thalia – Atmosfera (Viva Tour)

YES!!! Atmosfera is finally on ThaliaVEVO and I love everything about this video!

The band intro is awesome, the images on the screens are interesting (especially Thalia’s look in them) and the performance is great!

I also love her dress and make-up in the first part of the concert a lot more than the ones we could see in videos like Equivocada and Novelas Medley.

You simply can’t listen to this song and not be in a good mood afterwards! 😀

Videos: Novelas – Medley & Habitame Siempre (Viva Tour)

It seems that Sony Music is slowly uploading Thalia’s Viva Tour DVD on her VEVO channel, after Que sera de ti and Equivocada, we now have Novelas – Medley and Habitame Siempre!

“No, en el baño no. ¿Qué pasó ahí? Tampoco.” 😀

The Novelas medley has plenty of moments of Thalia interacting with the audience (to their happiness but not as much as to that of our ears 😀 ) and the one with the little girl who got invited up on stage is definitely the sweetest.

On the other hand, Thalia’s performances of Habitame Siempre will always be the most emotional ones… and the Viva Tour one was no exception:

The full concert is available for purchase or rental in SD and HD on iTunes Mexico.

Be Thalia’s new BFF and get a chance to talk to her via Skype! #NewThaliaBFF

Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, Thalia decided to pick 100 Twitter BFFs, put them in an exclusive list and choose a lucky one for a phone call with her…

That lucky person was Iris Jordao, who patiently waited for Thalia to call her…

Time passed…

And a year later, Thalia realized she wanted some new BFFs and talk to one of them via Skype *…

* as soon as she reaches 7 million followers on Twitter


All you have to do (well… *cough*) is follow Thalia on Twitter @thalia and tweet the hashtag #NewThaliaBFF (… *cough* I mean, if you really want to be her BFF, you’re gonna have to do much more than that 😀 )

But wait… remember Iris, Thalia’s first BFF?

It turns out, she waited for a year for that phone call from Thalia (but good things come to those who wait), who eventually decided it was time to make amends and upgraded that long-awaited phone call to a Skype call…

This is how it went: (thanks Iris for sharing it with us!)

So, now that you’ve seen what it’s like to talk to Thalia via Skype, be the #NewThaliaBFF and make sure she gets to 7 million followers as soon as possible!

The end 🙂

Thalia wins Premio Lo Nuestro for Album of the Year …

… but doesn’t attend the event. Why?! 😦


Thalia was nominated in 3 categories at this year’s Premio Lo Nuestro and got the Album of the Year award with Habitame Siempre! And even though she didn’t attend the show, she posted a Facebook video message and dedicated the award to her beloved Thalyfans:

Fun fact: Thalia’s won 6 other PLN awards (according to Wikipedia), but this is her first Album of the Year win! Congrats!

Video: Thalia – Equivocada (Viva Tour)


We have a new video on ThaliaVEVO, this time it’s Equivocada!

I find live concert videos to be fascinating, especially those in which the parts change and you can hear the audience sing while the artist listens. We now get to see Thalia enjoy such a moment with this iconic song and as you may notice, having 10.000 people sing to you can be quite overwhelming.


I love those glowing eyes and that genuine smile ♥

Remember, the full concert is available for purchase or rental in SD and HD on iTunes Mexico.

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