Videos: Thalia – Como / EAV, Con los anos, No soy el Aire (Viva Tour)

We have three new Viva Tour videos to enjoy and talk about, so let’s get to it!


Besides Ensename a vivir, Como is also one of my favorite tracks on Primera Fila, the song’s intro always moves something inside of me, I can’t even explain it… So I’m happy that Thalia chose it for the tour / DVD and I really loved her performance 🙂

Also, that person holding her hand like that… SO LUCKY!


The EAV performance was quite entertaining, despite the fact that Thalia only did a small part of it and then ran backstage for an outfit change, leaving the stage to a group of dancers and the song to the backing vocalists. As someone who’s named her blog after the song though, I wish she’d done a full performance of it and leave the outfit break for another one. Oh well 😀

I loved Thalia’s excitement while introducing the three guys for Con los anos que me quedan, as well as her smile and the sparkle in her eyes throughout the entire video. I think her vocal performance was exceptional, the song is still one of my least favorites, but I’m fascinated by her singing, if that makes sense.

Also, her “travesura” face is one of my absolute favorites 😀 Remember this? I need gifs!



Finally, No soy el aire… As with Tomame o dejame, Thalia not only sings the song, but also uses her body language to portray the lyrics. And some wind in her hair to make the performance even more impressive 😀 The band outro, accompanied by those images on the screen, was also great!

Also, look at her walk away, so fierce!


Ok, it feels like it took me forever to write this post so I’m gonna end it here, hope you liked it!

Let me know what you thought of these videos!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Mar 05, 2014 @ 16:49:52

    i just went out for a while & now no soy el aire is up? haha

    I like the song Con los años.. but not the way she did it with 3 guys.. maybe with just Jesus. But.. yeah.. XD

    I agree with EAV, it’s kinda disappointing she just left on stage & let the dancers do most of the duration of the song.. they butchered it haha


  2. pat
    Mar 11, 2014 @ 19:03:16

    I think she needs to “Grow -Up,she’s not a teen,she a 42 year old lady with kids and a husband .Putting ridiculous pictures in facebook. Her new cd. Viva the Kids. She is not a little girl. All her novelas are not her’s they are remake of all classis black and white movies. La gata is an old movie from novela “Maria la de barrio .She came out ,She did not wrote it. That is all for now


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