New Thalia album: Viva Kids (CD+DVD)

Update: Well, it would seem that somebody’s read my post and listened to what I said here (just kidding, I wish I were that relevant) Anyway, Thalia’s team has eventually published a press release on her Facebook page, revealing the album’s cover, track list and more details about the project.



CD (click on the title to listen to the original / a version of the song)

1. TEMA DE CHUPI (Inédito. Autores: Thalia, Armando Ávila y Marcela De la Garza). Preview
2. VAMOS A JUGAR (Autor: Lorenzo Antonio). Preview
3. EL PIOJO Y LA PULGA (Autor: Felipe Gil). Preview
4. EL GARABATO COLORADO (Autores: Tulio Arnaldo De Rose y Carlos Luis Sobrino). Preview
5. LA RISA DE LAS VOCALES (Autor: Tirzo Páiz).
6. CABALLO DE PALO (Autor: Omar Alfano).
7. EN UN BOSQUE DE LA CHINA (Autores: Roberto Ratto y Benjamín Yankelevich). Preview
8. SUGAR RUSH (Tema en inglés. Autores: Yasushi Akimoto y James Scoggin). Preview
9. LAS MAÑANITAS (Dominio popular). Preview
10. OSITO CARPINTERO (Autores: Manuel Esperón y Felipe Bermejo Araujo).
11. ESTRELLITA (Autor: Manuel María Ponce Cuéllar). Preview

*** Los 11 temas con sus respectivos vídeos; en varios de ellos interactúa Thalia con dibujos animados creados especialmente para este proyecto***

The 11 songs with their respective videos; in several of them Thalia is interacting with cartoons created especially for this project

Oh, no wonder track 3 sounded familiar! Thalia actually sang this before, as Maria la del Barrio 😀

And she also sang a bit of track 10 in Rosalinda (thanks, Oleandra!)

It looks like some of the songs are from the work of Thalia’s beloved Pedro Infante, others have been performed by kids in the Juguemos a cantar festival (Thalia participated in 1984 with Moderna nina del rock – I’m surprised she didn’t choose it for the album) and one of them was featured on the Wreck-It Ralph OST (we know who inspired Thalia to do the English version of that song – her son Matthew Alejandro). This album will be a treat not only to children, but also to those who grew up with these songs.

Regarding the album cover, it’s… nice… 😀 but it could have been much better, to be honest.

Also, I’m glad I got my answers to what the DVD will include. Apparently, hundreds of people participated in the production process of the music and the cartoons and if all their work turns out to be as cute as the Chupie video, everyone will adore it!

Don’t know about you, but I’m excited to listen to those songs in Thalia’s voice and adapted to 2014! 😉



When Thalia’s children’s book (Chupie – The Binky That Returned Home) was released, it was supposed to come with an album for the little ones, composed of Thalia’s childhood songs that her two children enjoy too.

The book was released but there was no sign of the CD, until Thalia mentioned in the HuffPost Live interview that she was preparing two new albums and people started speculating that one of them was going to be the children’s one.

Well, they were right. Although some sites informed that the album was going to be released on the third week of January, we only now have a title and an “official” release date.

According to music store, the album, called Viva Kids Vol.1, will be distributed in two formats: CD+DVD and DVD+CD starting with March, 25 (although the date may change). The album cover is yet to be released.


My reactions to this? First of all, Viva Kids? – how did I not see that coming? Secondly, Vol. 1? – cause one children’s album wasn’t enough. Also, CD+DVD? – what’s on that DVD?

I must say I’m intrigued by this album, especially the DVD… but it’s also disappointing that once again, I had to find out about this thanks to the fans, instead of an official source (hello, record label? hello, Thalia’s team? can we, just once, get this kind of info from you? it would be so nice!)


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 18:44:08

    (hello, record label? hello, Thalia’s team? can we, just once, get this kind of info from you? it would be so nice!) – HAHAHAHA! so so so true :3 Im like that too.. & perhaps most other fans 😀

    I was thinking of what her kiddie album title would be.. & I cant think of any.. including ‘Viva Kids’ >.<

    Vol 1.. yeah.. meaning more than 1! unless she change her mind & scrap it hehe

    DVD. Yup! What the hell might be there? I have no idea.. but please not Chupie performance in Teleton 😛


  2. anamariao7
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 00:08:12

    glad to know I’m not the only one… as I seem to be the only one who publicly complains about these things… at least you admit that you agree with me haha

    I never gave any thoughts to what the title might be, for some reason I was expecting it to be Chupie as well haha but Viva Kids makes sense, cause of Viva Tour and The Voice Kids LOL

    it’s interesting that she put the Vol. 1 in there, it’s like she’s so confident that the album is going to be a success (despite it’s target) that she must already be planning more to come

    “but please not Chupie performance in Teleton” hahahahaha or the song with Dora + the Chupie video and nothing else


  3. Mariel
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 19:58:00

    you. are. GENIUS!! gonna put links on those tracks coz i know they are not original (except chupi).. but i think i will get lazy searching for it haha you made my life easier :*********** XD


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  5. Edward
    Mar 11, 2014 @ 00:19:07

    OMG that cover is atrocious! So tacky!!! I was expecting a Lullaby album a la Jewel or Nick Lachey! But it is Thalia we’re talking about here! She takes two steps forward with her music than three back.


    • anamariao7
      Mar 11, 2014 @ 15:03:54

      oh Edward, I missed you! hahaha I’ve never heard of the albums you mentioned, but like you said, it’s Thalia we’re talking about here 😀 she does things her way


  6. Mariel
    Mar 11, 2014 @ 14:41:11

    agree with Edward.. cover could be much much more better. at first i thought thalia just did a random image for her to tweet it.. but then it’s the official one. Maybe it’s the sparkle effect around her on the image… the butterflies, chupi, flowers, patches were ok.

    thanks again for additional youtube & song info. looks like thalia knows what she’s doing.. knowing those children’s songs (i dont know much of children’s songs even in my country haha)


    • anamariao7
      Mar 11, 2014 @ 15:16:30

      yeah, yesterday the staff re-uploaded the cover, this time with more intense colors (see the first one here and I agree, the sparkle effect is one of it’s biggest flaws, the hands position is also awkward to me and the whole thing made me think of but who knows, maybe it will catch children’s eyes 😀 also, I complained about the Viva Tour cover as well and ended up liking it hahaha so the more I look at this one and think about it, it starts to make sense

      and THIS is happening now: hahahahaha

      I should have also mentioned that some of the songs were also part of Tatiana’s children’s album and some people don’t seem to be happy about that… in fact about any of the songs LOL as someone who doesn’t know anything about them, they’re ok to me 😀


  7. Mariel
    Mar 11, 2014 @ 17:20:54

    whaaat???! i did not ready myself before seeing Hernan_Ros pic.. so hilarious haha!

    with the reuploaded cover.. still not ok (ooooh.. we are to harsh again haha). the sparkle can go away.. and maybe different positioning of her hands.. maybe:

    ..& similar more gestures (not sure with the word hehe)

    the songs are ok to me too, like you i dont know them haha maybe in vol 2, they will be all original *i wish*

    btw, on Vamos a jugar preview… i dont like how she sings it :3 not too child friendly-ish.. unlike on Chupi, or Bendita (yeah i know it’s not a kiddie song..?). Maybe if we have have the complete songs I’ll change my mind hehe


    • anamariao7
      Mar 11, 2014 @ 17:52:21

      I know, I was surprised too when I first saw it hahaha here’s a bonus one I guess it’s gonna be like with Viva Tour when everyone did their own cover 😀

      she did something similar with the first stock photo on El Sexto Sentido, the second would have been cute… but I guess it’s too late now

      hmmm you may be right about the preview, but since it’s an upbeat song maybe it wouldn’t have sounded good with that silky, sweet voice


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