Video: Thalia – Manias (Viva Tour)


Ah, Manias… Thalia promoted this song as if it had been the only one on Habitame Siempre: we have a lyric video, a backstage video, an official / HS concert video, a Jump Smokers remix, a playback performance at Sabado Gigante, a breathtaking live performance at La Voz Mexico, another incredible live performance at Premios Cadena Dial, another one at Premios Juventud aaaand a remixed one at Teleton Mexico. Did I miss anything? Edit: Oh, yes. Manias in Portuguese.

Well, in case you haven’t had enough already, here’s the Viva Tour performance 😀

To be honest, despite the Manias mania, I enjoyed this performance as much as the other ones… and of course, such a beloved song couldn’t have missed from the set list.

Like with Equivocada, it’s great to hear the audience joined in one voice, I also liked the mic that she used for this one, the roses moment and that firm handshake with that adorable little man hehe. Needless to say, her vocal performance was outstanding, as always.

I also feel like making a bad comment and I can’t keep it to myself, so here it goes 😀 I don’t understand why so many people on the front row were using their cameras / phones. I mean, I get it, it’s epic to be so close to her and naturally, you want to have a video to go with the memories you’re making. But… not when you know that the concert is being recorded for a DVD! Now, where can I see that footage? 😛


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