Check out the Thalía World Magazine!


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Erika from has just released the first issue of a digital magazine dedicated to Thalia and her fans, here’s a short description I got from one of its pages:

Thalía World Magazine is an interactive magazine about the Mexican diva, Thalía, and dedicated to all of her fans around the world. Each issue of the magazine will include the most important information about the Empress of Beauty, renowned over the past 15 days on the Internet. Enjoy it!

I think it’s a nice idea, the magazine looks great as the photos and the text are perfectly combined, so it’s easy to read, and the fact that it’s hosted on a site designed for that makes it even better. I also like that you can find articles not only in Spanish, but in English as well. So if you can’t keep up with everything good that’s being posted about Thalia online, or simply want a different experience while getting that information, this magazine is a great option.

Kudos to Erika and her contributors for this, I can imagine it’s not an easy work!


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