Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 5

Today, accompany me to “La Ideal” Mexican bakery where I learned, from my teacher Julio Cesar, how to make sweet bread. It was fun, and surprising at the same time, since I never imagined the process to make such delicious sweet bread was so detailed. Once again, I enjoyed getting to know better our people, my people in “This Is How We Do It”.

Yaaaaaay, Asi es como lo hacemos is back!! I’m glad Thalia finally left the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and headed to a different location, I was really looking forward to a change of scenery. I’ve also been waiting for her to try a food related job, as we all know she never says no to a delicious meal hehe but we also know she doesn’t usually cook either so it was fun to watch her prepare her own sweet bread.


Nailed it!

I’m not a big cook myself, although I like baking and trying out new recipes once in a while, but I got to admit that Thalia did a much better job at cracking the eggs than I do, it takes me forever to do it hahaha Speaking of eggs, of course Thalia also had to crack a joke 😛 which made the shy Julio Cesar laugh for the first time during this video.


I may be slow, but I don’t do this 😛

The only thing missing from this webisode (ehm, apart from the English subtitles) is the behind the scenes at the end of it! Please, don’t take them away from us!! Other than that, it is as entertaining as the first four!

Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos comes out every Monday, so don’t forget to subscribe to Thalia’s channel!


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