Thalia – Viva Kids – Album review


With a music career of over 20 years, 11 studio albums and 2 live ones, Thalia still has A LOT to offer. She’s an artist who constantly reinvents herself, who is not afraid of being different and trying out new things and today she presents her first children’s album, a project that has been on her “to do” list for a while now. Inspired by her two children and by the beauty of childhood, Thalia gives a new life to the songs that she grew up with, on an album that will certainly enchant the little ones, as well as the nostalgics and those who haven’t let go of their inner child.

The album opens with the well-known “Tema de Chupi”, the song that accompanied Thalia’s children’s book, “Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home”. It’s a happy song that will put everyone in a good mood, no matter the age. After listening to this song, you are ready for what’s coming next!

Vamos a Jugar, the second track and also the first single from the album is a cheerful song with a country vibe, that will make children dance and clap along. I can already imagine this song being played at children’s birthday parties!

(Click on the song titles to listen to them)

El piojo y la pulga tells the story of a louse and a flea who want to get married but encounter various difficulties, which they get past thanks to other animals who offer their help. It’s a funny song that also counts with a choir of children who sing in the background. Besides the kids, Maria la del Barrio fans will definitely love this song too!

The next song on the album, El garabato colorado is slightly different from what we’ve heard so far, the melody a bit melancholic, but I love Thalia’s interpretation and her sweet voice on this song, which makes it one of my favorites so far. Also, I wish I could be a 1st grader again…

But enough with the melancholy, let’s get back to the upbeat songs with La risa de las vocales! People are going to say that Thalia sings like a man on this one 😛 I don’t know why she chose to sing in a lower key, but it doesn’t bother me either, I still think the song turned out great.


We get another page turn as Caballo de palo is probably the saddest children’s song ever… I hope this song will make the little ones appreciate a bit more all the things they have and maybe even think about all the other children that might not have as many toys as them. Parents, when you play this song to your children, talk to them about this, encourage them to do something nice together for kids in hospitals or orphanages… you may be surprised by the generosity of your children.

En un bosque de la China is the opposite of La risa de las vocales, Thalia interprets this song as you would expect her to do on a children’s album, with her sweet, enchanting voice. The Chinese influences are great too!

The following song is the only one in English on the album, as well as the only cover of a modern song. Sugar Rush, originally in Japanese, was featured on the soundtrack of the animated movie Wreck-It Ralph. This song is probably dedicated to Thalia’s son, Matthew Alejandro, as we’ve seen on different occasions that he really loved that movie 😀

As we’re getting closer to the end of the album, we have Las Mañanitas, the traditional Mexican birthday song. Thalia stays true to her roots and I’m sure people will appreciate her version of this song.

Teddy bear

Osito carpintero proves one again Thalia’s ability to tell a story through her singing, I bet if you gave her a children’s book (or any book) she could sing it without a problem. If your kids want to hear a bedtime story when you have a sore throat or lost your voice to the flu, you can play this song to them instead!

Speaking of bedtime, the last track on the album, Estrellita, is another perfect song for that, it’s so peaceful it almost made me want to go to sleep even though I first listened to it only a couple of hours after I had woken up. As if Thalia’s voice weren’t enough, the piano and the sound of the waves towards the end of the song are simply wonderful. What a great way of ending this album!

All that being said, it’s clear that a lot of work was put in this album, it wasn’t just something done in a hurry. The production is great, Thalia gave her best on these songs and when you put passion in what you do, you can’t go wrong. I applaud Thalia for what she’s done and if you didn’t have much faith in Viva Kids, I hope that changed now.

You can find the album on iTunes and Amazon.

PS: Check out this adorable promo trailer!

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  2. Mariel
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 16:26:01

    Tema de Chupi – 5/5 – Right choice for opening track! It’s like in an exercise… this is a warm up song & prepares the listeners next songs

    Vamos a Jugar – 4/5 – Upbeat song especially the country style instrumental. I always find myself head banging-ish with the tune lol

    El piojo.. – 4/5 – If not with the closing tiro lo tiro tiro lo tiro tiro lo tiro tiro lo tiro tiro lo tiro tiro lo tiro tiro lo tiro tiro lo tiro (aaaaaaaaargghhh!!!! make it stop!! haha)… but still one of my fave songs from the album. Like the way she makes voices on animals 😀 so cute!

    El garabato colorado – 5/5 – this makes me feel like want to go back to school :3 such a very child friendly tune ❤

    La risa… – 3/5 – not my type, but not that boring… the chorus is quite interesting.. I must admit it's a bit catchy 😀

    Caballo de Palo – 5/5 – I didnt know a children song can be this sooooooooo sad :/ I thought they are always happy tunes, funny story, etc As always Thalia did a great job singing this song with such emotion

    En un bosque… – 5/5 – such a cutie song!! can't say anything but cute cute cute :3

    Sugar Rush – 3/5 – I dont know but for me the music is quite too loud that I cant quite clearly hear what she's saying :/

    Las mañanitas – 2/5 – interesting song… but for a birthday song it's kinda… not that.. celebratory tune :3 Maybe I'm just used to the birthday songs that are merry. I've checked Wikipedia & found out that we, Philippines, also have this… guess what? I don't know it haha Whoever wrote that Las mananitas Wikipedia article is just inventing. I never heard it here XD

    Osito carpintero – 3/5 – Love the way she sings it! It's like storytelling in singing 😀

    Estrellita – 5/5 – If they choose the right song to start the album, they did well too for the last song. Even though she doesn't much sing on it, the music is so relaxing & calming

    With the promo trailer, I'm really interested to see the videos of the songs 😀


    • anamariao7
      Mar 27, 2014 @ 18:07:44

      I love your comments on every song and that you rated them! I should have done a fans post like with HS or AALM… :-/

      “Like the way she makes voices on animals 😀 so cute!” yeah, I love that too! and the voice she does as La Chinita too!

      ” the chorus is quite interesting.. I must admit it’s a bit catchy :D” the chorus is my favorite part of that song, especially when she’s at hihihihi ♥

      Las mañanitas – if you think this isn’t celebratory, you should check Pedro Infante’s version haha or any mariachi version, they’re all like that. I think hers is a bit more cheerful


  3. Kim Jayson
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 17:39:23

    I checked youtube and there is such song (Las Mananitas) being sung in English by Filipinos. I’m wondering why I am not familiar with it.


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