Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 10

I had an great time in webisode #10 of “This Is How We Do It”! I went to ZBAR, and there, I learned to mix drinks with a professional mixologist. The truth is they were delicious and refreshing. Mixology is truly an art, and what a memory you need to have in order to remember each recipe! Cheers to all of those mixologists and bartenders who take care of so many clients every night creating amazing drinks for all of us to enjoy!

This is hands down one of the most hilarious webisodes we’ve seen so far, but also the naughtiest 😉 I think the video speaks for itself so I’m not going to describe any of the situations hehe all I’m going to say is that Thalia got a taste of her own “medicine” 😛 And the bloopers are back, yay!

Funny Thalia + Sexy Thalia + Drunk Thalia + bloopers all in one episode, what more could we ask for? Let the gifs and memes come!



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Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 9

If you have never tried a “Cemita” (sandwich/traditional dish of Puebla, Mexico) you are missing on something delicious! I had the opportunity to visit “La Fortaleza” Mexican restaurant, and in webisode #9 of “This Is How We Do It” I learned to make “Cemitas” with the restaurant’s owner. What an amazing treat! Warm bread, fresh Mexican cheese, breaded thin beaf steak, avocado and “chipotle” are some of the ingredients we used to make the perfect “Cemita poblana”. Don’t miss the part in which I take a big bite out of the “Cemita”…I could not resist the urge!

No, I’ve never tried a “Cemita”, but now I really want to! *goes to the kitchen and makes herself a normal, boring sandwich* That thing looks incredible! But let’s see, what else did we learn from this episode, other than how to make a “Cemita”?

1. Thalia knows her ingredients… once she’s told their names 😀 Whether it’s the type of cheese, the characteristics of chipotle or the benefits of papalo, she can share information like a true connoisseur. 

2. She doesn’t like to be interrupted, especially by a phone that doesn’t stop ringing 😛

3. Thalia likes to share and keep things simple.

Also, I really liked this guy and how the two got along, it’s as if they were siblings, not two people who probably just met.


Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 8

In webisode #8 of “This Is How We Do It” I spent the afternoon in the packaging department of Nicomex, a company that distributes Mexican products. There, Veronica, a native of Puebla and Nicomex employee, showed me how to pack “chiles guajillos”. I washed my hands, put on the gloves and hair net, and rushed to choose “chiles” for packaging! ‎My eyes watered, but I was happy to be able to help those good-looking “chiles” make it safe to your homes!

We’re still at Nicomex, where this time Thalia has what looks like an easier task than in the previous webisode… that until the gloves start to make it more difficult for her 😛 I love how she keeps some of the things she worked on for herself, like the cake she decorated at the bakery and now the “chiles guajillos” hehe it’s seems more than fair 😀 Also, I’m starting to think that there’s at least one sexual innuendo in every webisode hahaha Thalia being the source, of course! Someone should definitely make a compilation of them!

PS: I didn’t even notice that her hair isn’t blonde in these two webisodes, what’s up with that? Were they the first she did?


Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos: Webisode 7

Come with me to the warehouse of Nicomex, a company that distributes Mexican products. In webisode #7, I fulfilled an order to be sent to a client, and even learned to drive a forklift! Mr. Nico and his crew made me feel at home, and thanks to them now I know where those delicious Mexican goodies, that we love to eat, come from.

Whether she’s working in a luxurious hotel, a bakery or a warehouse, Thalia’s energy and good mood are contagious every time! She made everyone there smile with just a few words and like always, it’s a pleasure to watch her! She also made a lot of the viewers laugh with her “la del barrio” language hehe, not to mention the ways she made the guy in the green sweatshirt feel uncomfortable 😛 He’s reaction was so cute, what a sweetheart!




Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 6

In webisode #6 of “This Is How We Do It” I learned to decorate a yummy strawberries and cream cake at “La Ideal” Mexican bakery. It was not an easy task, but it was totally worth it because I loved the final look of the cake! The truth is that I greatly appreciate the work that bakers and cake decorators do. Thanks to them we have beautiful cakes to celebrate on our birthdays!

Have I already told you how much I love this series? 😀

I’m fascinated by how Thalia decorated that cake, she’s such a fast learner and looked like she knew what she was doing (well, it’s not like it was such a difficult task either, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that she did a really good job) and even when she messed up a little it was still adorable.

I also loved that she prepared it for Sabrina and drew that heart on it at the end, aaaaawww!

As always, the editing of the video is brilliant and together with Thalia’s comments on everything made another entertaining webisode!


PS: The guys working at that bakery are the sweetest!

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