Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 8

In webisode #8 of “This Is How We Do It” I spent the afternoon in the packaging department of Nicomex, a company that distributes Mexican products. There, Veronica, a native of Puebla and Nicomex employee, showed me how to pack “chiles guajillos”. I washed my hands, put on the gloves and hair net, and rushed to choose “chiles” for packaging! ‎My eyes watered, but I was happy to be able to help those good-looking “chiles” make it safe to your homes!

We’re still at Nicomex, where this time Thalia has what looks like an easier task than in the previous webisode… that until the gloves start to make it more difficult for her 😛 I love how she keeps some of the things she worked on for herself, like the cake she decorated at the bakery and now the “chiles guajillos” hehe it’s seems more than fair 😀 Also, I’m starting to think that there’s at least one sexual innuendo in every webisode hahaha Thalia being the source, of course! Someone should definitely make a compilation of them!

PS: I didn’t even notice that her hair isn’t blonde in these two webisodes, what’s up with that? Were they the first she did?



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