Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 10

I had an great time in webisode #10 of “This Is How We Do It”! I went to ZBAR, and there, I learned to mix drinks with a professional mixologist. The truth is they were delicious and refreshing. Mixology is truly an art, and what a memory you need to have in order to remember each recipe! Cheers to all of those mixologists and bartenders who take care of so many clients every night creating amazing drinks for all of us to enjoy!

This is hands down one of the most hilarious webisodes we’ve seen so far, but also the naughtiest 😉 I think the video speaks for itself so I’m not going to describe any of the situations hehe all I’m going to say is that Thalia got a taste of her own “medicine” 😛 And the bloopers are back, yay!

Funny Thalia + Sexy Thalia + Drunk Thalia + bloopers all in one episode, what more could we ask for? Let the gifs and memes come!



 via Memes de Thalia


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