Thalia: Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos – Webisode 9

If you have never tried a “Cemita” (sandwich/traditional dish of Puebla, Mexico) you are missing on something delicious! I had the opportunity to visit “La Fortaleza” Mexican restaurant, and in webisode #9 of “This Is How We Do It” I learned to make “Cemitas” with the restaurant’s owner. What an amazing treat! Warm bread, fresh Mexican cheese, breaded thin beaf steak, avocado and “chipotle” are some of the ingredients we used to make the perfect “Cemita poblana”. Don’t miss the part in which I take a big bite out of the “Cemita”…I could not resist the urge!

No, I’ve never tried a “Cemita”, but now I really want to! *goes to the kitchen and makes herself a normal, boring sandwich* That thing looks incredible! But let’s see, what else did we learn from this episode, other than how to make a “Cemita”?

1. Thalia knows her ingredients… once she’s told their names 😀 Whether it’s the type of cheese, the characteristics of chipotle or the benefits of papalo, she can share information like a true connoisseur. 

2. She doesn’t like to be interrupted, especially by a phone that doesn’t stop ringing 😛

3. Thalia likes to share and keep things simple.

Also, I really liked this guy and how the two got along, it’s as if they were siblings, not two people who probably just met.



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