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One of the highlights of Thalia’s recent visit to Mexico is definitely her interview with Yolanda Andrade on the late-night show Mojoe. Thalia and Yolanda have been friends since childhood and this wasn’t her first time on the show either, so the interview was more interesting than those we usually see during an album promotion. You can clearly see the connection between them and unlike most hosts, Yolanda asked some really fascinating questions that brought wonderful answers.

I thought about doing an audio transcript in English of the whole conversation, but the interview is quite long and it would be time-consuming for me, so instead I’m just going to quickly talk about what’s been said, mainly for those who didn’t fully understand.

  • Yolanda was the first person (other than Tommy, the kids, the producer etc.) who listened to Viva Kids. They were in Thalia’s office and as they started talking about Thalia’s mother, they suddenly heard her voice, which happened because the album was stored in a music library that also contained a recorded phone message that Thalia’s mother had left her. It was an intense experience and when Yolanda asked Thalia about it, she didn’t recall it immediately, saying that she must have blocked it from her memory.
  • Yolanda then pointed out that the album is titled Volume 1 and that people are always so anxious to know when the next thing is coming and they joked about doing a show (Thalia had already declared that she doesn’t plan on doing a Viva Kids show and dance in a tutu at 42.)
  • Thalia then talked about how the songs on the album remind her of certain people, like “Vamos a Jugar” which takes her back to the “Juguemos a cantar” festival where she was impressed with the boy who performed that song, or “En el bosque de la China”, which reminds her precisely of Yolanda’s face.
  • The two friends shared an “aaaaaw” moment when Yolanda offered Thalia a custom made jacket that featured the photo of her idol, Maria Felix, while hers had a photo of Thalia as a little girl. (And I just fell in love with their friendship ).
  • Asked if she was a happy girl growing up, Thalia said that she was very happy, but also very solitary and introspective, a girl who worked a lot as she was an artist. She started working at 7 in the children’s group Din Din, the same age her daughter Sabrina is now. Despite all the responsibility that came with her work, Thalia said that she still was a little girl, who played with her colleagues and had a great time on stage. Yolanda corrected her by saying that in fact she never stopped being a little girl and Thalia couldn’t agree more.
  • After giving a heartfelt speech on adulthood and the inner child, Yolanda asked Thalia about the most important things she would leave to her kids if something were to happen to her, other than the yacht, the house, the plane 😛 to which Thalia replied that she cherished her children and taught them to love life, to be confident in themselves and say things as they are and filled them with respect and love. Asked what she sees in her daughter that she got from her, Thalia said that thousands of things, like the fact that she’s tenacious and always finds a way to get what she wants.
  • “What did you lack as a little girl?” To this Thalia replied that she didn’t have friends and she would spend time in her room, playing with a doll house, rearranging its rooms all the time, another thing that she would do was listen to the radio or play outside in the garden, with leaves and sticks and stones, which is something that she wants to pass along to her children, she wants them to learn to entertain themselves with things found in nature, with normal and simple things instead of being caught in the consumerism world we live in nowadays.
  • Fun fact: one of Thalia’s sisters is named “Ana Cecilia Luisa Gabriela Maria Fernanda”
  • The taste of noodle soup takes Thalia back to the days when she lived in Santa Maria la Ribera in Mexico City, while the scent of milk with honey gives her peace.
  • Thalia likes to feel paint (or paintings), her children’s faces, their eyes, their eyelashes… like I said, wonderful answers to fascinating questions.
  • “What’s something that you didn’t experience?” “High school (I think that’s the translation of “prepa” but I’m not sure)… going to playdates and friends’ parties… but I had other priceless experiences, I traveled the world, discovered different cultures, languages, the love for my work, made my country renowned in strange places through my work and my name, exotic places that I never imagine existed…” with this the two friends shared another emotional moment and mentioned the misconceptions people have of them, like those who think that Thalia is superficial or those who think that Yolanda acts crazy, when the truth is completely different. Thalia continued with another wise thing, saying that everyone has their own human sides that belong to them (and not everyone gets to see them)…
  • Thalia also said that everything she went through because of Lyme helped her become a new person, it made her stronger than ever and feel like she was born again.
  • With respect to her fans that were camping out before the album signing, Thalia said that she finds it impressive and surprising, that she sometimes feels like the love her fans have for her is so big that she doesn’t even know what to do with it, that she’s overwhelmed by all that love, emotions, warmth…
  • Thalia: “We are all lucky, blessed, I think everyone has that, it just depends on how you see things. I strongly believe in God, I have a very personal relationship with him, not like going to church and all that, but it’s very personal.” Loooved this!

  • When it comes to adulation, Thalia says it intimidates her and she doesn’t believe any of it. She says she puts a lot of love in everything she does and shares her work to her audience hoping that they’d welcome her into their lives, but when she’s promoting that work and everyone tells her how much they love it, it intimidates her. She’s so modest…
  • Yolanda made me smile once again when she mentioned Russia as one of the places where people associate Mexico with Thalia’s name 😀
  • When Thalia was painting she asked Yolanda not to watch but entertain her in the meantime, so she started saying random words to which Thalia had to associate others. Here they are:

muffin – delicious

fart – watery (LOL)

Mexico – the craziness

sea – freedom

boobs – flabby (LOL again)

loneliness – far from me

eyes – ???

sobbing – no more, no…

double chin – mine, enjoy it

song – “En el bosque de la china”

  • “Why do you always draw the eye?” “Because I like to see, to observe” “And why those huge eyelashes?” “To see you better” (Little Red Riding Hood reference)
  • “What else do you want to tell to those fans of yours?” “That I adore them, that my double chin is beautiful…”

Basically this second part of the interview is just two crazy friends making each other laugh 😀 I loved seeing Thalia paint and I have to say I’m impressed once again. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Moreover, Thalia joined forces with the Ver Bien foundation to help the kids of the Michou y Mau foundation receive eye examinations and the glasses they need. Hats off to all of them!

Well, what else is there left to say? This interview was simply perfect and I’m so glad it happened! Aaaand I’m starting to believe I should have done the transcript instead hahaha Hope you’ve enjoyed and found this post useful 😀 Thanks for reading!

Thalía World Magazine No. 03, 04 & 05

In case you’ve missed them, here are the latest Thalía World Magazine issues! Out of these three, my favorite is No.04, as it’s got everything about Thalia’s visit to Mexico, accompanied by lots of great photos! As always, Erika and her contributors did a fantastic job with these issues and you should totally check them out!

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