Thalia slays the Internet with ‘ribs telenovela’

Previously… (back in 2012)

Q: Is it true that you had all your ribs removed? A: ALL OF THEM! I’m a “hybrid”!

Q: How did you do it? A: Easy… Through the trachea they come up impeccable! Or through the belly button! I’m a true miracle! ALL OF THEM!

Q: (That’s meee, in case you didn’t notice haha) And through the nose not? A: Well those are extreme cases!

Q: And who kept the ribs? Did you really get all of them? A: I have them in my house in a formalin jar!

And now…

Episode 1:

Note: “Chismis is totoo”  = “Rumor is true” (thanks, Mariel :D)

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

“For all of you who GOSSIP about me, THANKS FOR MAKING ME THE CENTER OF YOUR WORLD! Gossip ends at a wise person’s ears…” 

To be continued?

So… my thoughts on all this… when “Episode 1” aired I didn’t even pay attention to it… then Thalia continued with the topic in another video and I was like… uhm, what is she doing?… the third episode caught my attention and weirded me out a little bit haha, I didn’t think for a second that the ribs were hers, I just wondered how she did it, was that a real jar with fake or real animal ribs, was it Photoshop-ed? How did she do it? Then last night I read this in a Buzzfeed article:

BuzzFeed Español talked to Rosie Castro, who is part of Thalia’s public relations team, and she confirmed that the video was a joke indeed. Sorry world, but this fabulous body is 100% natural.

I had no idea that tons of sites from all over the world had posted the news as true, saying that Thalia confirmed she had surgically removed her ribs and kept them as a souvenir! Until I saw “Episode 5” this morning… to my surprise, there’s even a Romanian article in there! Seriously?

I mean, I get why some of the people who follow Thalia would actually think that those were her ribs (no offense to them :D) but the media all over the world? Although I guess after the whole “Marry me!” thing I should’t even be surprised… Kudos to Buzzfeed for actually reaching out to her staff for confirmation.

I also find it very interesting how Thalia handled this whole thing, especially since the whole ribs myth is probably as old as her career (?) I bet she was crying with laughter the whole time! One thing’s for sure, her sense of humor is way too subtle for way too many people 😀




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  1. Trackback: Thalía answers the ribs removal myth: 'Gotcha!'
    Aug 14, 2014 @ 21:28:34

    Hi my dear wenderfully sweet thalia I always like you and your music video cassettes I have you are 3 music cassettes Thalia you look like so beautifully okay bye bye


  3. Gennie Lee
    Aug 15, 2014 @ 03:27:16

    hahahahah I LOVE YOU THALIA…YOUR GOOD THERE GOT THEM…with ur fake ribs…..hahahah I know its not true …but if its still true …I don’t care …You are my IDOL as a woman , actress , singer performer , mother and a wife….Love lots and God Bless you always …Stay as beautiful as you are inside out ….


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