Laura Pausini & Thalia – Mommies and besties (Reforma Gente)


Yesterday Laura Pausini shared this lovely article on her Facebook page, I really enjoyed it and so I wanted to post it here, thanks to Mariel @ for the translation!

New York, USA (14 August 2014) .– They laughed, they held hands, they embraced and celebrated and at the end, they even took a picture with all the people who worked on the production of the music video of Sino a Ti, which for the first time united Laura Pausini and Thalía.

The duet is part of the Italian’s album 20. Grandes Exitos, who is currently participating as a coach on La Voz… Mexico.

Pausini wanted to record the song and video with Thalia, therefore she contacted her directly by email.

“I went looking for her myself because this song is very special, I wrote it for my daughter (Paola, one year old) and the music is written by my boyfriend. It’s a very personal song,” said Pausini exclusively.

“At first I could not find the way to reach her, and I finally did it by e-mail. We got in touch, I said ‘will you make the song?’ And she said ‘of course’. And I then said ‘and will you make the video?’ and she said ‘of course'”.

Pausini, 40, emphasized Thalía’s generosity, 42, as she accepted everything with a smile and a sweetness that are rarely found in the industry.

“(Thalía added) The true friendship of two women who have children. The lyrics (of the song) are truly ours.”

The recording was made in a studio located at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan (Pier 59 Studios). The singers took turns filming and made several scenes together.

Thalía got up at five in the morning to travel from the Hamptons to New York and meet, finally, Pausini to work on the clip.

“I am happy because I’ve met Laura in person. She and I talked through e-mails and messages, but we had not seen each other in person, and we both have a nice magnetism that we feel,” said the Mexican to Gente after finishing the recording, now in her dressing room.

She said that when she received Pausini’s message she thought it was a joke, but she called her label and they confirmed that the Italian had asked for her email.

“That’s when we started planning, talking, we set a meeting in New York, and here we are. This is my first duet with a woman. Being with Laura is a gem, because she is the performer. It is a divine challenge that I love. I loved seeing her and I loved the team.”

“The lyrics are very powerful. For me, as a mother, I dedicate them to my son, Matthew (3 years old), and they can suit every human being who may dedicate a song of love, friendship, to any other person” said Thalía.


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