More photos and interviews of Thalia and Laura Pausini


It seems that we get something new from the recording of the Sino a ti music video every day, just enough to make the wait harder and harder 😀

People En Español published a few photos from the making of the video and an article from which I’ll only present these phrases:

“I was afraid to approach her, I didn’t know if she knew me.” Laura Pausini about Thalia. I mean… her modesty is inspiring.

“I could sing this song only with her, because I wanted a female voice that would be exactly like mine.” again, Laura about Thalia. Well, it was about time they did a song together!




We also have this interview they gave to Hola:

Thalia’s face when Laura talks about Mexico, aaaawww 🙂

“I swear there’s no better gift than such a powerful song, really, because when you listen to it and the lyrics and you think about it […] when she told me it’s a song dedicated to a child and I listened to it, I sang it and pictured the face of my son Mateo, it’s just perfect. It’s perfect for a child, a lover, for everything.”  Thalia

Check out my posts Laura Pausini & Thalia – Mommies and besties (Reforma Gente) and Thalia and Laura Pausini filmed the music video for “Sino a ti” for more!

What’s interesting is that in these interviews we’ve seen so far, we haven’t got the chance to listen to a bit of Thalia’s part of the duet *the suspense is killing me*

I’ll update this post if anything new comes up!


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