Thalia wants YOU to figure out the tracks on Amore Mio


With a month left for the release of her 13th studio album, Thalia just gave the start to a new contest on Instagram!

¡Qué emoción! En unos días ya van a poder pre-ordenar mi nuevo disco “Amore Mio”. Mientras, les tengo un reto aquí mismo en Instagram. Cada día, desde hoy hasta el jueves, 9 de Octubre, subiré a Instagram una o dos imágenes que contienen una de las canciones de mi nuevo disco escondidas en crucigramas o sopas de palabras. Quiero que durante los próximos días resuelvan esos crucigramas/sopas de palabras y adivinen los nombres de las canciones de mi nuevo disco y suban una imagen a Instagram que represente el título de la canción usando el hashtag #ThaliaAmoreMio. Tendré sorpresitas para aquellos elegidos al azar de entre los que adivinen los nombres de las canciones correctamente. ¡Los amo! ❤️❤️

How exciting! A few days from now you’ll be able to pre-order my new album “Amore Mio”. Meanwhile, I have a challenge for you right here on Instagram. Every day, starting today until Thursday, October 9, I’ll upload to Instagram one or two images that contain the title of one of the songs on the album hidden in crosswords or word searches. I want you to solve these crosswords/word searches over the next few days, guess the title of the songs on my new album and upload a photo to Instagram that represents the title of the song using the hashtag #ThaliaAmoreMio. I’ll have surprises for those randomly chosen from the ones that correctly guess the tracks. I love you! ❤️❤️

In the video however, Thalia says “I want you to guess the songs on my new album and act them in photos.”… so you might wanna consider doing that instead of just writing the words in a picture.

Here’s the first photo, of the third song on the album.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! 😛


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