Amore Mio – Deluxe version Cover + Previews Photo Gallery

Stop whatever you are doing and head over to to hear the previews of Amore Mio !!!!!!

Here’s the tracklist of the album:

1. Amore Mio – Thalía

2. Por Lo Que Reste de Vida – Thalía

3. Más – Thalía

4. Cerveza en México – Thalía

5. Lo Más Bonito de Ti – Thalía

6. Contigo quiero estar – Thalía

7. Cómete mi boca – Thalía

8. Tranquila – Thalía feat Fat Joe

9. Tú y Yo – Thalía

10. Como Tú No Hay Dos – Thalía feat Becky G

11. Sólo Parecía Amor – Thalía

12. Olvídame – Thalía

Deluxe version:

13. Tú Puedes Ser – Thalía

14. Gracias – Thalía

When Primera Fila was released, everyone said it was Thalia’s best album… then Habitame Siempre came along and took the title with it… I can assure you… Amore Mio is gonna steal it right away! It’s hands down Thalia’s best album so far !!!

The previews are enough to tell that Thalia “la antigua” that everyone loved and longed for IS BACK and better than ever ! No more covers, fewer ballads and lots of fun, catchy songs that will get everyone dancing in no time, all wrapped up with fresh, new sounds that will make you listen to this album over and over again!

I’m beyond excited with Amore Mio and I cannot wait to have it in my hands!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 14:13:21

    wow. such words!! this is all I wanna say!!! and you get it everything right!! i was like boom boom boom reading each words here hahaha meaning im agreeing on everything you said here especially about this album will be the best of the best of her album!!!!


  2. c
    Oct 13, 2014 @ 11:28:16

    I agree!!! I will surely love this album. Amore Mio is definitely one of my favorite song in this album. I am pretty sure with that. haha!


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