Polls: What do you think of Amore Mio?

Update: Well, some of us have listened to the previews of the album (probably before we were supposed to… but nonetheless they are still available on Youtube, so… I don’t really know what to say about that) and it’s time to see the results of my polls.

There were about 95-100 voters on each question and the majority is excited about the album!

What’s interesting to see is the song preference of the voters, the Top 5 songs being:

  • Amore Mio (64 votes, 15.53%),
  • Tranquila (56 votes, 13.59%),
  • Como tu no hay dos (53 votes, 12.86%),
  • Por lo que reste de vida (43 votes, 10.44%)
  • Mas (36 votes, 8.47%).

On the bottom of the list are Tu puedes ser – with only 8 votes, Solo Parecia Amor – 11 and Gracias – 12 votes.

I wonder which song is going to be the second single…

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Que piensas del album?

2. Suena genial, no veo la hora de escucharlo!
3. Tengo que escucharlo completo antes de formar una opinion.
4. No me impresiona. Hubiera tenido que ser diferente.
5. No me gusta PARA NADA.


Que te parece el estilo de las canciones?

1. Me encanta! Thalia la antigua esta por fin de regreso!
2. Me gusta, buen balance entre pop y balada.
3. Hubiera tenido que continuar con el estilo de 1/F & HS.
4. No me gusta.


Cual es tu Top 5 basado en los adelantos?
Vas a comprar la version standard o deluxe?
2. Standard.
3. Deluxe.
4. Ninguna.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. c
    Oct 13, 2014 @ 11:16:34

    Waiting kills me. November, please come now…………….. 😦


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