Journey to the past: Thalia’s “First Single”s (Part 1)

As Thalia is about to release her 13th studio album, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at her previous ones and see how her music evolved throughout the years by looking at the first singles released from each album.

Thalia’s career as a solo artist began with her self-titled album released in 1990 by Fonovisa Records. The first single was “Un Pacto Entre Los Dos“, a pop-rock song written by Thalia and Alfredo Diaz Ordaz.

The lyrics are like a guide to what one should do to a lover: “abduct him, tie him up, hit him, enjoy his pain, bite him, hurt him, punish him, share his passion, grab him, tear him up, whip him, the heart suffers, calm yourself, touch him, pamper him, a love song” everything being consensual, as it’s “a pact between us”.

It’s no wonder that the song was criticized and labeled as sadomasochistic. Thalia addressed this in her book – Growing Stronger, saying:

Back then, singing about secretions in lyrics such as “Your saliva intoxicates me; come here and sweat with me” and, even worse, sadomasochistic themes such as the ones described in “Un Pacto Entre los Dos” sparked a huge controversy. And add that to my determination to revive the “flower power” trend, which was the symbol of youthful independence that came out of the sixties. The truth is that my entire being longed to break from anything traditional; I wanted to express myself in my own way, and to find my own voice. It is also possible that somehow, unconsciously, I wanted to break the invisible chains that my mother had locked me in out of love, as did the career where I had left my childhood and part of my adolescence that yearned and screamed for its freedom.

(I guess Fifty Shades of Grey should feature this song on its soundtrack 😀 )

The music video is presented as a dream that Thalia is having, in which she gets off a badass plane in the middle of nowhere, in an area populated by a tribe of cannibals that hunt her down and eventually capture her. In between, we have scenes with some strongly colored, hypnotizing backgrounds, in which Thalia wears different flowery outfits.

Thalia performed the song on various popular TV shows, the most viewed one on Youtube being from Siempre en Domingo:

Next we have Mundo de Cristal, released a year later by the same record label. The first single was “Sudor“, written this time by Alfredo Diaz Ordaz alone. The lyrics describe some situations in which sweat is the protagonist 😀 like a hot day with no air conditioning, a passionate night… on the dance floor 😛 and in the life of people like artists, sportsmen, winners and losers, who all have to work hard and sweat to reach triumph.

The song never had an official music video, but this performance,  in which Thalia revealed her sexiness aaand most of her body on a yacht, is the closest thing to one:

As with “Un Pacto Entre Los Dos”, the song was presented in various shows, Thalia’s outfits also having different flower elements.

Thalia’s third album, Love, was released in 1992 and its first single, “Sangre“, is one of the most iconic songs in her career and Latin music in general. The song is a love ballad that Thalia wrote and dedicated to Diaz Ordaz, whom she had been in a relationship with and who unfortunately passed away soon after that. As Thalia shares in Growing Stronger, they were “kindred spirits” and even after they ended things, their connection “was so deep that we continued to attract each other like a couple of magnets. Even though in my soul I wanted nothing other than to be with him for the rest of my life, in my mind I knew it was simply impossible.” The lyrics of the song focus on remembering the good things of a relationship that ended and reflect Thalia’s words from the book, showing that even though two people can’t be together they’ll always love and long for each other.

The music video comes in two versions, you can watch the first one here, but I personally prefer the second one:

Thalia looks smoking hot in that… dress inspired by the cover of the album and she’s playing with fire 😀

When it comes to live performances, here’s one you should not miss, from Thalia’s 1997 concert in Manila:

We continue with En Extasis, Thalia’s first album released with EMI Music, in 1995. The first single, “Piel Morena“, written by Kike Santander, had an incredible international success. In Growing Stronger, Thalia recalls how she was introduced to the song and gave life to it:

As we looked at all the awards and recognitions, Emilio walked in and greeted us. “I have a song that I want you to sing. It was for Gloria, but I don’t know why the song screams ‘Thalia’ every time I hear the lyrics.” He flashed me that ample smile, and on his sound system, which took up an entire wall from floor to ceiling, with speakers of every size and the most sophisticated sound equipment that I had ever seen, he played the first chords of the song. I could feel all the hairs on my body stand up, from my feet to my head… It was “Piel Morena”. […] Half an hour later the man whom we were waiting for arrived. I reviewed the song two or three times, he corrected a few of my notes, and there, before everyone’s stunned eyes, “Piel Morena” was born, and became one of my most successful worldwide hits.

The lyrics are a declaration of love and passion to someone who stirs up those emotions through everything he is and does. The music video, mostly in black and white, is one of Thalia’s most epic ones, as she shows off a series of spectacular and innovative bras 😀

Here’s a live performance of the song from 1996 in Peru:

In 1997, Thalia released one of the best albums of her career, “Amor a la Mexicana”. The first single, having the same title, was written by Mario Pupparo and will always be Thalia’s most popular song, you can’t say “Thalia” and not think of “Amor a la Mexicana” and you can’t say “Amor a la Mexicana” without thinking of Thalia.

The lyrics and the music video don’t need any commentary, they both scream Mexico, love, passion… ehm, is it getting hot in here? 😛

The video for the European remix is always a must-see, that choreography is priceless!

When it comes to performances, Thalia clearly knew how to put on a grandiose show:

Arrasando, Thalia’s sixth studio album was released in 2000, with “Entre el mar y una estrella“, written by Marco Flores, as its first single. The song brought Thalia her first no.1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart.

The lyrics express the pain of losing someone and missing them, as well as a promise of forever lasting love.

In the music video, we see Thalia looking more beautiful and peaceful than ever, on a set composed of stars and water, or feeding the moon some magic golden stardust (if you’ve ever wondered what the secret of her youth and beauty is, now you have the answer 😛 )

Here’s a terrific live performance of the song on Otro Rollo:

Well, we’ve gone through the first half of our journey, if you want to continue, click here for the second part of this post!



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