Thalia on “Va por ti”

(Thalia and David Bisbal look so cute in this photo 😍)

Last week Thalia was in Mexico, promoting her latest album, Amore Mio. Her tight schedule included an appearance on Univision’s talent show “Va por ti”, where she gave the first televised performance of Por Lo Que Reste De Vida and watched the contestants interpret some of her songs.

Here’s PLQRDV:

Should I address the elephant in the room? 😛 No, it wasn’t live, but to my surprise I realized that for the first time ever I’m not disappointed about that. Thalia looks great on stage no matter what and this was no exception! I liked what I saw, she owned that stage just as I imagined she would and I can only look forward to a live performance of the song, being 100% sure that it’s gonna be incredible!


I’m not familiar with the format of the show, from what I’ve seen and read the guests are supposed to join the judges at their table and evaluate the contestants for the rest of the show (correct me if I’m wrong), thing which Thalia didn’t do, as she’d rather not be in that position (which is probably one of the reasons why we haven’t seen her as coach on La Voz either). Instead, she considered it was best for her to just enjoy the show and share her thoughts on what she saw – and she only had nice things to say. You can watch all that on 🙂


The thing I loved the most about Thalia on “Va por ti” is her reaction to the cheering of the crowd as she walked on stage, those few seconds where she’s clearly overwhelmed and you can see her genuine gratitude and how humble she is are magical. Most of the times when Thalia’s on camera you see a strong, determined woman, and although her kind soul and bubbly personality are impossible to hide, moments like that are rare and extremely precious to me.


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