Thalia spreads happiness with Amore Mio, F.A.N.S embrace it


Last month we received an early Christmas present as Thalia’s 13th studio album – Amore Mio – was released, first in Mexico and then worldwide. It quickly became a success and debuted as no. 1 not only on iTunes, but also on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop Albums charts, as well as Amprofon. Add a Gold Record certification to all that and you have more than enough proof that Amore Mio is one the best albums of Thalia’s career!

Thalia presents “Amore Mio” as an invitation to be your own first love, to cherish and love yourself, as well as a declaration of love to us, her F.A.N.S. She also says that the album was made in a cheerful atmosphere, of harmony and lots of positivism, aiming to pass on happiness to everyone who listens to it. Moreover, it’s the album on which she felt the most sexual, free and confident, and you can definitely perceive that in each song.


photo by @MatiasPe_

Now that we know what this album means to Thalia, it’s time to take a look at what some of her F.A.N.S have to say about Amore Mio. I’m happy to count with the participation of people from different places in the world, who have kindly taken a moment to share their thoughts on the album and patiently waited for this post :D. You can read reviews by Nastia – Russia,  Matias – Argentina, Eliana – Venezuela, Erika – Romania, Merve – Turkey, Tia – Kuwait, Mariel – Philippines, Penny, Mary – both from Mexico and yours truly, Ana-Maria (with a dash :P) – also from Romania. Thanks so much to all of you, you have no idea how much this means to me!

Hope you enjoy this, let’s get started!

(Don’t forget to click on each page – scroll to the bottom of this post – to read all the reviews! or you can just click on each person’s name to go directly to their review)


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matias
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 20:51:07

    Gracias Anita por dejarme participar y colaborar, aprovecho para agradecerte y felicitarte por todo el apoyo que brindas a través del blog que creció y creció día a día, recuerdo los primeros post y ya es el 4to aniversario de aquel inicio, 4 años es muchísimo, me gusta dejar mi pequeña colaboración, por último en lo personal decirte que te quiero y que estas a punto de llegar al medio millón de visitadores y eso merece festejo ehhh 🙂


    • anamariao7
      Dec 02, 2014 @ 14:38:18

      gracias a ti por todo el apoyo durante estos 4 años y por aportar siempre tu “granito de arena”, desde ese primer Guest Post que hiciste nunca me dijiste “no” cuando te pedi que volvieras a escribir y sabes que siempre es un placer para mi leer tus posts 🙂

      y si, manana se cumplen los 4 años de EAVblog y lo mas probable el medio milion de visitas tambien (no son visitadores, yo quisiera hahaha) pero no se como deberia celebrarlo hahaha digamos que este post fue una manera de hacerlo 😀 o tienes otras ideas? 😉


  2. carthal
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 05:35:43

    I would say the title track- Amore Mio is a bomb! The melody and the arrangement is very pop and it gives a good start of the album.
    PLQRMV- when this single was first released, i thought its so boring and sound like the typical thalia power ballad, eventually i liked the song that I would play this when i go to gym.
    Contigo Quiero Estar – ah! what a beautiful song! so refreshing and this is a complete different Thalia sound. I love the arrangement and i heard that this song is dedicated to Matthew!
    Tranquila- when I first heard this song i was like, whoa! superb! however, it became boring on the loop.
    Tú y Yo – before the album was released, and when the snippets were made available, I thought, wow another rip-off song from the previous album. I was expecting like a rocker type of song just like the predecessor. But when I first heard the full song i was disappointed as it was a ballad and the arrangement is like the Desolvidandote song from the Lunada album. Surprisingly, i found a gem out of this song. i would say the arrangement is very gorgeous with the vocals! I super love this song now!
    Como Tú No Hay Dos – “Te perdiste mi amor” part 2! Thalia collaborating a younger talent to appease the teen-young adult market. I thought Becky’s vocal sounds exactly like Nikki Minaj!
    Gracias- ah this is the second coming of Entre El Mar Y Una Estrella. The intro sounds exctly that huge song! and the message is very deep. Though I have limited understanding on Spanish, I think this song is dedicated to us- F.A.N.S.



  3. anamariao7
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 14:42:51

    hey there, thanks for your comment/review! 🙂


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