Thalia in 2014 (2) – Interviews

I have a confession to make… I have no idea how Thalia can give so many interviews where most of the times she has to say the same things over and over again and still manage to keep her sanity 😀

It’s hard for me to even keep up with all the video interviews she gives during promotions, not to mention newspapers and magazines. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it, she must have some kind of super powers.

That being said, I’m not going to mention every single one of the interviews she gave in 2014, but rather talk about the ones that stood out the most to me.

Back in April, Thalia went to Mexico to promote her first children’s album, Viva Kids Vol. 1. One of the highlights was definitely the interview she had with one of her best friends, Yolanda Andrade, on Mojoe. I posted all about it in a long list of the things they talked about, which you can read here.

In June, Thalia gave a 30 min interview to Showbiz, a show on CNN en Español. She talked about Viva Kids, her children, her experience with bullying, the World Cup, social media and many other topics. She mentioned some of her projects as well, one of the most interesting being a documentary she’s directing about a famous Mexican personality, for which she traveled to Paris earlier this year.

She also did a short Q&A for Billboard as part of the Viva Kids promotion, but took the chance to talk a little bit about Amore Mio – which was still in the works at the time.

September marked the airing of Viva Tour en Vivo on HBO Latino, Thalia being the first female artist to have a show aired on the popular channel. To celebrate and promote the event, Thalia did a Google+ Hangout where she answered questions regarding the experience of the tour and gave more details on Amore Mio.

November was packed with Amore Mio interviews, the one with Isamel Cala gaining the most attention and acclaim from both fans and regular people, who saw Thalia with different eyes. She proved once again that she’s a down-to-earth woman, with an incredible sense of humor and a lovely personality.

Erika from did an amazing job gathering all the interviews from the Amore Mio promo and you can find them all here.

We started this post with Mojoe, we’re ending it with Mojoe, as they aired a special show dedicated to Thalia in December. One of my favorite things was seeing all the people and friends that she worked with at some point (like Benny Ibarra, Carmen Salinas, Itati Cantoral, Fernando Carillo etc. oh, and Laura Pausini ♥) say sweet things about her and to her. Not to mention the hilarious Q&A with mustaches on and the wonderful meeting with her fans.

Doing all those interviews clearly takes a lot of time and energy, but I think I figured out what Thalia’s special powers are. Positive attitude + love for what she does + love for her fans, having these three and making each experience a fun one is probably what drives Thalia through so many hours of promotion. And we’re all grateful for that, as we get to know more about everything she does, thinks and feels and it’s always a pleasure to watch her.

Alright people, that would be all for this post… coming next: Events!


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