Thalia at Premio Lo Nuestro 2015

After days of hard work and rehearsals the big night finally arrived and Thalia, joined by Becky G, performed their latest single “Como Tu No Hay Dos” on the stage of Premio Lo Nuestro.


Thalia & Becky G rehearsing for PLN – foto via / People en Espanol

But first, let’s talk about the red carpet, which Thalia rocked in a sparkling golden dress!


I loved her hairstyle as well, it reminded me of the one at Met Gala 2013 – one of my all time favorites – and the ear accessories were on point! What else can I say, she looked simply radiant! 😍


(*apparently* she wasn’t the only one in that kind of dress, but she was definitely the most beautiful one! and I’m still laughing at this pic because of all the selfies taken in the back 😀 )

Thalia and Becky didn’t just perform together, they also hung out on the red carpet:


photos via

Oh, and you have to watch this interview! I can’t handle how lovely and gorgeous she is! 😍

And now, the performance, for which Thalia was introduced as the Queen of Latin Pop (haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate)


The intro was brilliant, I honestly wouldn’t have minded if the entire performance had been like that haha but Thalia & Becky G had a full show planed out, with lots of dancing, hair flipping and even some inappropriate touching? (according to some dirty minds 😛 ) + a sexy, yet adorable kiss in the end (flashback to PLN 2013 kiss with Prince Royce, anyone?)

It was an explosive performance and the girls owned that stage! *clap clap clap*

Who’s excited for the music video for CTNH2? 😀

The only thing I would like to add is that sometimes we don’t realize how much work is put into a performance like this, while for us it was just 4 minutes to watch, those 4 minutes took days of preparation and tons of people working hard in order to deliver a great moment. I’m glad that Thalia shared so much of that on her social networks, it’s been really eye-opening and I think everyone should take a moment to fully appreciate that.

Feel free to check out & for more photos and videos!

Ooooh! I also have to say that it made me so happy to see that Laura Pausini took some time to say hi to Thalia, I was hoping they’d perform “Sino a Ti” hehe but just seeing them together is more than enough 😀

I imagine their encounter went something like this hahahaha:

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