Thalia sings “Imagine” for UNICEF



UNICEF Mexico has just released this emotional (and way too short!!! 😭) video that features Thalia singing a fragment of John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine”!

“Mexican singer Thalia joins UNICEF’s global campaign for children’s rights through the “Imagine” initiative.” says the description of the video.

Feel free to visit for more info.


In case you missed it, Thalia was named Cyber Ambassador by UNICEF in 2014, for her role in the “El bullying no es un juego” campaign.

Raise your hand (I mean, comment below 😛 ) if you want to hear Thalia sing the full version of this song!

New photos of Thalia’s children

Although Thalia has been rightfully very consistent about not pushing her children into the public eye, as fame is not something they chose to be born in (a decision that I respect and support, in fact more celebrities should do that in my opinion) a mom is always proud of her kids and wants to share that with the world 🙂 so there’s no harm in releasing a few photos every now and then. And I think no one appreciates that more than us, the F.A.N.S, as we love Sabrina and Matthew as much as we love Thalia and it’s always nice to see how much they’ve changed and grown up, how much they resemble her and how adorable they are.

The following two photos were showed during Thalia’s interview for Primer Impacto:


Sabrina is the spitting image of her mother! And look at Amorcita Love, she’s in heaven! haha


Aaaaawww! This photo is filled with so much love! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thalia also shared some pics on her Instagram account:


It’s playtime!


Doing the cartwheel like a couple of pros 😛


Like mother, like daughter!


I mean, I love this photo so much I don’t even care that I’ve already posted another version of it!

Update: There’s also this photo that Lili Estefan posted on Instagram a few months ago (thanks 


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Video: Thalía – Como Tú No Hay Dos ft. Becky G


After the magical video for Por lo que reste de vida, Thalia returns with an explosive one for the second single from “Amore Mio”, Como Tú No Hay Dos ft. Becky G. The video is perfect for this song, having an exotic/Ten Paciencia vibe + a really cool nightclub theme going on + both Thalia and Becky G looking smoking hot!


As expected, there’s a lot of dancing in it and we’ve already seen some of the moves during the PLN performance, but at least this time all hands are where they’re supposed to be 😛 Two of my favorite parts are Thalia’s sequence during “Baby dimelo” and all the dancing in those sparkling black & silver dresses!


What else is there left to say? It’s a fun and awesome video and I’m really loving this “Amore Mio” era! Can’t wait for more!

PS: Here’s Thalia channeling Sailor Moon 😀


And this 😀


Thalia on Nuestra Belleza Latina

Thalia was a special guest on Nuestra Belleza Latina, a reality show / beauty pageant that airs on Univision. Not only did she promote her Macy’s collection with a challenge for the contestants, but she also grabbed the mic for a song performance. Double win! I love that despite being so focused on the clothing line, she hasn’t forgotten about Amore Mio and is willing to give us the best of both.


Now, everyone knows that Mas is one of Thalia’s favorite songs on Amore Mio, in fact, she loves it so much that she decided to perform it on NBL for no apparent reason (I mean, it’s not a single as far as I know, but I guess it was the obvious choice for that show).


photo via Thalia World

On the other hand, Thalia knows that people looooove seeing her hair in the wind during a performance, so she gave them exactly that, plus an incredible red dress to float with the hair as a bonus! 😀 Not to mention the hot dance moves 😛 She was a true love goddess on that stage!

Did you like the performance? Thalia is a great performer, there’s no doubt about that, she knows how to put on a memorable show, but to be honest, the other day I ended up watching a couple of Primera Fila videos on Youtube (I hadn’t done that in a long time) and it suddenly hit me… I miss that Thalia so much. The one who’s focused on singing and pouring her whole heart into a song, not on choreography, not on gimmicks, not on a visually appealing show… just on music. Well, there’s lots of songs on Amore Mio that can bring that Thalia back, so I hope we’ll get to see that soon (especially given that Solo Parecia Amor is the third single from the album).

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