New photos of Thalia’s children

Although Thalia has been rightfully very consistent about not pushing her children into the public eye, as fame is not something they chose to be born in (a decision that I respect and support, in fact more celebrities should do that in my opinion) a mom is always proud of her kids and wants to share that with the world 🙂 so there’s no harm in releasing a few photos every now and then. And I think no one appreciates that more than us, the F.A.N.S, as we love Sabrina and Matthew as much as we love Thalia and it’s always nice to see how much they’ve changed and grown up, how much they resemble her and how adorable they are.

The following two photos were showed during Thalia’s interview for Primer Impacto:


Sabrina is the spitting image of her mother! And look at Amorcita Love, she’s in heaven! haha


Aaaaawww! This photo is filled with so much love! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thalia also shared some pics on her Instagram account:


It’s playtime!


Doing the cartwheel like a couple of pros 😛


Like mother, like daughter!


I mean, I love this photo so much I don’t even care that I’ve already posted another version of it!

Update: There’s also this photo that Lili Estefan posted on Instagram a few months ago (thanks 


PS: Check out these previous posts too: Part 1, Part 2


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  1. Mariel
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 17:51:04

    oh dear!! that long claws… i mean nails hahahaha

    such very lucky kids born in a very privilege family… i hope they’ll grow up well guided and wont choose the wrong paths 😀 their parents are lucky too, they deserve them!!


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