Video: Thalía – Sólo Parecía Amor


This is soooo exciting! Sólo Parecía Amor is the third single from Amore Mio and it now has an awesome music video that was released earlier today!

The video is a mix of Thalia looking simply stunning, fierce, contemplative, sweet, mysterious, hot… or in one word: FLAWLESS!


I love the outfits, her make-up, her gorgeous hair and most of all, her attitude and gestures when she interprets parts like “Vete de aqui, no entiendo que estas buscando, de que me estas hablando” or “No digas mas tonterias, no tiene caso, no” towards the end. I’ve said this before, she definitely knows how to perform a song and act out the lyrics with such passion it makes you feel every single word.


Oh, and have I mentioned she looks stunning? I love it when she’s dressed in white or red and both are present in this video! Not to mention that sparkly silver dress, Viva Tour style!

Me watching the video = 😍 I hit that replay button the second the video ended and if I didn’t have to write the post first, I’d probably still be watching it over and over again – which is exactly what I’m going to do now!

As per usual, here are some of my favorite shots from the video!

PS: Check out Sony Music Latin‘s press release, which I now realize has the same ideas as my post, but written in a much more eloquent manner 😀

The timeless heartbreak ballad from her new album Amore Mío

MIAMI (April 27, 2015) – Every Thalía record outdoes itself with a heartbreak ballad that makes a permanent home in our hearts. Amore Mío, her latest album, is no exception. “Solo Parecía Amor” (It Only Seemed Like Love) is the name of the song that writes a new chapter in the history of Thalía’s timeless ballads.

The album’s third single, “Solo Parecía Amor” is a full-throttle power ballad that’s accompanied by a music video. The video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, showcases all of Thalía’s presence and elegance. This is Thalía, interpreting this moving new song in her unmistakable voice. The new video is now available on VEVO. When Thalía has something to say, we listen closely. And when she acts in front of the cameras, we can’t take her eyes off her beguiling way of expressing herself.

Por favor no menciones la palabra amor, eso nunca sucedió” (Please don’t mention the word love, that never happened), she sings with sentiment that many will identify with.

The album Amore Mío has already produced two big hits: “Como Tú No Hay Dos” (There’s No One Else Like You) feat. Becky G, and “Por Lo Que Reste de Vida” (Throughout the Life that Remains). With a deep well of exquisitely produced material,Amore Mío keeps on delighting us with unforgettable music.

Don’t miss Thalía at The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda, on April 28 and at the Rachel Ray Show on May 7.

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