Thalia ft. Tito “El Bambino” – Vuélveme a Querer Urban Remix Video

Thalia released her new music video today and let me tell you something… I AM LIVING! Seriously, this video made my day week!

The “Vuélveme a Querer” Urban Remix was officially released not long ago and surprisingly, Thalia decided to shoot a music video for this version of the song too!

You know how the media usually introduces her as “Mexican singer, actress, author, radio host, fashion designer, entrepreneur *and the list goes on*? Well, they can now add *music video producer, director and editor* to that long list, thanks to this video.

If I still had some doubts about how this music video was created, Thalia made all of them disappear with these words she posted on her Instagram:

Ready to recreate the video? I did it, and edited it on my phone! (source)

Aaaah, I love her so much!

It’s almost as if she’s competing with Miranda Sings to see who is the most talented of them all 😂

Miranda Sings: I’m funny, I’m talented, I’m a singer, I’m an actress, I’m a dancer, I’m a model, I’m a craft maker, I can wash my hands (source)

Anyway, when VaQ was announced as the next single, people were like *Noooo, another ballad?? Worst single ever.* When the official music video was released, they were like “Ugh, this video is so unoriginal and boring, Thalia doesn’t even care about her career anymore* etc, etc.

And now we get this remix and this priceless music video. I mean… if THIS:


and THIS:


and THIS:


PS: don’t pause the video, some of these images will give you nightmares

don’t just SCREAM creativity and originality, then I don’t know what does. Oh, isn’t this what you wanted? That’s too bad.

When I looked at the comments people posted on Youtube, I got sad for a second… but then I realized their reaction is the most hilarious thing ever! Some people are so upset about this album and are being soooo dramatic about it 😂 HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, THALIA?! HOW COULD YOU?!


*Thalia, the ultimate troll*

Remember that time I wrote a post about how Thalia does whatever she wants to do? (click here if you haven’t read it). Well, nothing has changed. She wanted to do an unconventional music video for this remix and just have fun with it, film it and edit it on her phone, and that’s exactly what she did! And I applaud her for that!

Too bad Tito aka “El Bambino” aka “El Patron” (dude, just pick a nickname already!) took his part too seriously and didn’t goof around with it.

Ok, jokes aside, I’m not a big fan of the remix (you know me, remixes are not my cup of tea) but the more I listen to it, the more I like it, especially starting with minute 3:00. I noticed Thalia added some more vocals to the song there and that last minute sounds great! It’s a good remix for the summer, with a light and colorful video which is meant to reflect just that and nothing more, so just enjoy it!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carl
    Jul 15, 2016 @ 07:06:15

    Finally! a new post! ha! Ok, my reaction to the new video/remix->(drum roll)—> I don’t like it.
    Sure, let me lay out some of my points here:

    First, Tito El Bambino’s voice is unpleasant, his vocals doesnt compensate well with Thalia’s big and sensual voice. I dont know, i just dont like his timbre. The tone and character is purely urban. Ok, so if the song is pure urban, then yes but when mixed with a ballad???? Seriously?
    Whatever, he might go well with Paulina’s voice, but with Thalia’s? A big no for me.

    Second, the video is cheap. Cheap production, mediocre effort, cheap video effect. Heck, even a fourth-grader can do something like this via MovieMaker. So far, Thalia has produced/directed 4 videos under her belt and its not her cup of tea really. (Olvidame, Enseneme a Vivir, Estoy Enamorada (Portugese) and this one) and all of these are very displeasing in appearance! I say, Thalia please stop and give the reins to the experts already! Even the idea of remixing a ballad to urban music doesnt give any justice to the song. Oh gosh, she needs to stop it.

    But on the positive note, I dont know if she re-recorded her vocals to this song, but its still majestic. Big and powerful voice. That’s all the good thing that I can say. Other than that, it is a thumbs down for me.

    I only listened to the song once and hit stop before it even approached the chorus. I watched the video once and pressed stop when Thalia started showing herself in those filtered-obsessed images.

    We want the De Ti Video now!!! Can’t wait anymore!


  2. anamariao7
    Jul 15, 2016 @ 18:52:02

    yeeees, sorry for keeping you waiting for so long & thanks for your patience and for still visiting my blog!

    I don’t like Tito’s parts either, I’m not a fan of that genre of music, he may be good at it but personally I don’t enjoy it.

    about the video, it is cheap and that was the whole point, I don’t think she meant to impress anybody with it, she just wanted to goof around with it and make a video that is easy for fans to recreate (see she even shared a few of them on her Snapchat) & everybody freaked out cause she uploaded it on Youtube lol. if she had posted it only on Facebook for example, saying that it’s just for the fans, maybe everyone would have accepted it and understood it better instead of being so dramatic about it.

    I didn’t know she produced/directed the video for Olvidame too but I actually love that video, I like the “old photograph” visuals and that there is supposed to be a story there, and the EAV one is one of my favorites cause it’s just so positive, so “summer-y” and she looks adorable in it, sometimes less is more 🙂 the Portuguese Estoy Enamorada was indeed disappointing, but see the difference? that one was supposed to be fancy and impressive but failed, however these ones were actually meant to be silly or more personal & I love that about them.

    you should definitely listen to this remix again, especially from 2:43 to the end, that part is really great!


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