Thalia answers 25 exclusive questions for ePura (English translation)


Do you know that series called “73 questions with *insert celebrity name here*” that Vogue has on its YouTube channel? Well, ePura has just released a video with a very similar concept, where they ask Thalia 25 questions during a quick break as she’s working on a secret project (hmmm, I wonder what all that is about and when exactly was this recorded).

Anyway, back to the video, I feel like translating it so that more people can enjoy it, cause it’s pretty cool. So, here it goes!

  1. Q: Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
    A: I prefer warm weather.
  2. Q: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
    A: The first thing I do when I wake up is go back to sleep.
  3. Q: What’s your secret for always looking great?
    A: My secret for looking great? Having a positive attitude, seeing the world through rainbow colored glasses, trying to laugh and tell jokes.
  4. Q: If you could take 3 things to a deserted island, what would they be?
    A: 3 things to a deserted island… I would take… my family, obviously, lots of water bottles, ePura of course… and I would also take chocolate!
  5. Q: What makes you the happiest?
    A: What makes me the happiest is… my children’s smiles, I love watching them, they are so fun, I have such a great time with them and I love being a mother, my children make me happy.
  6. Q: What do you have in your fridge?
    A: In my fridge I have… yogurt, salami, all kinds of things, I love eating, I’m a big eater, I also like kefir and… what else do I have? I have lots of things! Cherries! Lots of cherries!
  7. Q: What would you make if you needed something fast and healthy?
    A: A multi grain bread with Swiss cheese and ham, mustard and there you go! Time to eat!
  8. Q: Which one of your songs is your favorite?
    A: Of my songs? All of them! But in general I like The Doors, Aerosmith, Sade (?) I like lots of artists, I love music.
  9. Q: What’s the thing you enjoy the most while exercising?
    A: The thing I enjoy the most is stretching, it’s wonderful.
  10. Q: What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
    A: My biggest challenge was Lyme disease and I overcame it by taking good care of myself, changing my lifestyle, being healthier, more full of harmony, peace, of gratitude, of fully enjoying the life.
  11. Q: How do you mix your professional life with being a mother and a wife?
    A: Professional life & being a mother and a wife… it’s distressing! It gives me anxiety cause it’s a lot, I feel like a mime, a juggler.
  12. Q: What other profession would you have liked to have?
    A: I would have liked to be a biologist, to work in criminology with my father, doing dissections and finding the cause of death.
  13. Q: What do you do to spoil yourself?
    A: I take a hot shower, I meditate and I sing. [Laughs in Spanish 😛 cause we can see someone in the mirror]
  14. Q: What’s your favorite holiday destination?
    A: This! The bathtub! You’ll find one anywhere, that makes it the best holiday spot in the world. Am I right?
  15. Q: What do you usually keep in your bag?
    A: Cosmetics, money, lots of sweets and chocolates and energy bars for when I get hungry… and lots of my kids’ toys, which I have no idea how they get there!
  16. Q: What’s your favorite song at the moment?
    A: My favorite song at the moment is… “Frutas”!
  17. Q: What’s your favorite fan club?
    A: All of them! They’re all my favorite because there’s nothing more beautiful than the love the people give me, their passion and dedication, being with me everyday through social media and coming to see me when I have a performance.
  18. Q: What’s your secret for taking care of your skin?
    A: Always washing it in the morning and at night, using morning and night cream, and most importantly, drinking lots and lots of water.
  19. Q: Describe us your ideal date.
    A: One where they court me, they bring me lots of roses, where there’s romantic music and great food because that’s how you’ll win my heart.
  20. Q: What do you value the most in life?
    A: The people that are with me.
  21. Q: What advice would you give people for taking care of their body?
    A: I advise them to always move their bodies, the latest disease is being sedentary so always move your body. It will make you feel younger, feel good and you’ll gain so much strength!
  22. Q: How are you so charismatic?
    A: Charismatic, me? Not at all! But I am cheerful and happy and I think that is what I want to pass on to my people.
  23. Q: What is the first thing you think about when I say Mexico?
    A: Joy, party, music, great food, lots of friends.
  24. Q: What is your ideal spot for songwriting?
    A: The plane, I always write songs on planes.
  25. Q: If you could travel back in time, what year would you choose and why?
    A: I’d travel to the time of Jesus Christ, so I could be next to Him and listen to Him. That’s what I would do.

I have to say I enjoyed this a lot (which is also why I decided to post it here), it was fun to watch Thalia answer all these questions while also walking from room to room, jumping on the bed, getting in the bathtub! And it’s also been a great way of learning new things about her! So thanks ePura & Thalia for making this video!


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  1. thaliaesmivida
    Sep 27, 2016 @ 01:15:12

    Pai la Vogue n-are nicio sansa…


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