Happy Birthday, Enséñame A Vivir!


Yaaaaaaay!!! It’s EAVblog’s 4th birthday today!!! And as usual I can’t put into words what I’m feeling! 😀

So I made this short video instead! Hope you like it!

Like every year, all I can say is THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who’s visited this blog and to all the people who have been part of it throughout the years, you have no idea how much it means to me!

And of course, GRACIAS Thalia! ♥

PS: On December 2010, this blog had a little over 500 views, who would have thought it would reach 500.000 views exactly on its 4th birthday?! It’s a double celebration!!!

PPS: You know the drill, new year, new theme! A more colorful one this time! 🙂 

Happy Birthday, Sabrina Sakaë!


Today is a special, special day as Thalia’s little princess is turning 7 !!!

Sweet Sabrina Sakaë, Nastia and I wish you a very Happy Birthday, may you always find kindness, hope, wonder, excitement, happiness, friendship and love within yourself and everyone surrounding you!

Lots of kisses and hugs!


And because there isn’t a more profound love than that of a mother for her child, here are Thalia’s touching words to Sabrina, today’s the perfect day to remind ourselves of them and read them again:

Dear Sabrina:

My precious daughter, my beloved. As luminous as a little star, with ruby lips and honey-amber eyes… you arrived and turned everything on its head. With those little pearl-like teeth that always appear with your smile, I began to understand a whole new
dimension of life. You brought new colors, new scents and new textures into my life. I rediscovered the world through your emotions, your words and your hands, those mischievous little paws, always investigating, discovering everything. From the day
of your birth, you gave me a new sense of perspective that I had never known.

I am thankful for everything that I have lived; if I had not experienced the pain, the solitude, the sorrow and the greatest moments of darkness, I would have never known you.

Now I understand the difference between night and day; I fully comprehend the crack of dawn, when the ascension of the majestic sun is announced to the universe, when its rays of light, powerful and brilliant, disperse the fog with the rebirth of each day. That sun, that resplendence, lives inside of me, and with you, my precious daughter, each day I awaken like a gladiator who defeats even his most ferocious enemies. A new sense of joy is born… my insides are reborn… and everything around me is reborn. You have given me the ability to resurge from the darkest parts of my being, to shine like the sun, giving light and happiness to everything around me. Rebirth at every instant, rebirth at every moment. Rebirth. What a joy it is to have met you and to have you in my life. As I walk with you, holding on to your hand, every stumble, every problem, every pain transforms into a precious gem that opens the treasure of life that you have placed within me.

You know, Sabrina, what I most want for you is for you to be able to be who you really are, unalterable forever. For you to find that sense of respect for your person, your soul, and never lose your own unique essence, knowing that by virtue of nature’s laws, it will happen at some point in your life. But, my beautiful girl, the most important thing—no matter what they say or think about you—is that you always return to your essence and remain authentic to yourself in the fullest expression of that truth.

No one will love you more than you love yourself. No one will respect you as much as you respect yourself. It all depends on you. Perhaps you will buy into that distorted image of what it means to be happy, seeking it in people, situations or places. But at the end of the road, you will realize that satisfaction, sadness and melancholy all emanate from oneself, and that to find true happiness you don’t need the biggest house, or the most lavish luxuries, and not even the partner of your dreams. All you need is to live in complete joy, to really understand your roots, from the deepest parts of your essence, and to dare to find balance between your virtues and your defects, your sorrows and your triumphs, your troubles and your greatnesses, you at your very rawest state.

Touch them, face them, assess them, know how to forgive them, and most of all, know how to strike a balance somewhere right in the middle.

Sabrina, when you know every nook and cranny of your essence, from your appearance to your emotions, from your heart to your intuition, you will become stronger and surer of yourself.

Be happy, my daughter. Be complete. Be ethereal and gentle with every step that you take. Be strong, yet subtle, like an honest tear. Be committed, but gracious in your character. Be open, but cautious, with the eyes of a lynx. Be audacious, but delicate like a rose. And most of all, my precious daughter, be free. Be completely free!

I adore you in every universe and on every plane that we exist, my love.

Thalia, Growing Stronger, Chapter Six – Rebirth

Feliz cumpleaños, Thalía!


Querida Thali! Estamos tan felices de pasar un año más a tu lado!

Nos contagias con tus locuras, con tu alegría y tu sonrisa radiante día tras día y nos inspiras con todo lo que haces!

Estamos tan, pero tan orgullosas de ser tus F.A.N.S., parte de esa familia de tus niños soñadores, parte de esa aventura llamada VIDA, teniendo la dicha de pasarla en TU compania!

Feliz cumpleaños!

Que Dios te siga llenando de bendiciones, ilumine tu camino en cada paso que das!

Exito para cada proyecto que pienses realizar, mucha luz para que puedas encender cada día de la vida con tu presencia!

Que tu estrellita siga brillando en el cielo de las personas que te adoramos y seguimos!

Salud, amor y paz para ti y todos los tuyos, que cumplas muchos años más y que cada día que pasas este lleno de magia y felicidad!

Con mucho amor,

Ana-Maria & Nastia


Feliz cumpleaños, Matthew Alejandro!


Ayer Nastia y yo estabamos recordando el dia en que le dimos la bienvenida a nuestro Yuyu, a Matthew Alejandro, o su 1er cumpleaños 🙂 y nos emocionamos mucho al pensar en como esta creciendo este niño hermoso que hoy ya cumple sus 3 añitos

Le deseamos un muy feliz cumple y que su vida este siempre llena de colores y alegria, al igual que de muchas, muchas travesuras! 😀 Dios lo bendiga a el y a toda su familia!

Muchos apapachos desde Rusia y Rumania!


Happy Anniversary, Conexion Thalia!

Ya son siete años que se cumplen este mes de conectarnos a través de mi show radial#ConexiónThalia Y todo gracias a ustedes y su gran apoyo y amor! This month we celebrate 7 years on the air with my radio show #ConexionThalia we are so happy thank you guys!

Conexion Thalia is turning 7 today and since that’s my favorite number, I couldn’t not post about it and congratulate Thalia, Pelon and the entire team for everything they’ve done throughout these years.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been SEVEN years now, but I hope they continue to do the show for as many years as possible 😀

That being said, Happy Anniversary, Conexion Thalia!!!


Feliz Cumple, Thali! #HappyBdayThalia

Hoy, como millones de personas de todas las partes de nuestro mundo, estamos en la plena celebración, queriendo felicitarte y unir nuestros deseos a la avalancha de hermosas palabras que escucharás y leerás en este Día tan especial!

Feliiiiiz Cumple, Thali!

Que Dios te siga bendiciendo y protegiendo de la manera muy especial, que la vida te siga sorprendiendo positivamente en todos sus aspectos y que sigas hacia adelante con tus sueños y metas!

Salud para ti y todos los tuyos, que siempre estén bien!

Gracias por existir, para llenar nuestras vidas de tu cariño día a día, por ser una de las personas más positivas que hemos conocido, por compartir tu sabiduría, tu energía contagiosa, tu pasión inmensa por la Vida y tu amor incondicional!

Que tengas un Día espectacular, alumbrado con tu sonrisa radiante, lleno de alegrías y sorpresas!

Te queremos mucho, Thali!

Que sigas cumpliendo muchos-muchos años más!!!


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Feliz cumpleaños, Matthew Alejandro!


It’s June 25 today, so you know what this means! It’s Matthew Alejandro’s SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!!

This extremely handsome little angel who’s turning two today is without a doubt the spitting image of his mom and it’s exciting for us to see him grow and celebrate this special daaaaay! ♥ 

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to him, together with all my love and my best wishes, I hope he continues to have a happy and healthy childhood, to enjoy every moment with all the people who love him, learning new things and doing all sorts of  “travesuras” everyday!

Matthew Alejandro, if only you knew how many people from around the world love you!

Happy BirthdayFeliz cumpleaños!!


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