Thalia Viva Tour En Vivo (Documental)

I didn’t think Sony would also upload the Viva Tour documentary, but I’m SO HAPPY they did! There are so many feelings and thoughts I could share about it, so prepare yourselves for one of the longest and most sentimental posts I’ve ever written on this blog.

When I first watched this documentary a few months ago, I got goose bumps, I smiled, I was happy, I was sad, I cried and I smiled again. And when I hit that play button today, the same thing happened all over again.


Remembering Primera Fila, seeing that vulnerable Thalia again, taking a look back at the recognition that album brought her, seeing her mother celebrating with her after the concert and realizing that they weren’t able to do the same thing after the Viva Tour ones, listening to Thalia talk about her absence, all while that beautiful music is playing… it’s impossible not to be moved by all that. And then we see Thalia find strength in music, accepting the challenge of going on tour and making her family life work with her professional one.


Thalia’s sense of humor is undeniable and it doesn’t take long until this documentary becomes funny thanks to her jokes. She laughs at the bust size of the dresses made of her, saying they were actually meant for Tommy’s ex 😛 She also reveals one of her darkest secrets, a mischief that involved a national heritage monument and some soap 😀 One of my favorite parts is also the one with the cleaning ladies, who are trying to figure out if Thalia’s there and then she rehearses being carried like a Queen and the lady we see keeps doing her job while looking at Thalia hahaha Priceless! Hearing Thalia say “No mamen, no mamen, no mamen” before going on stage was another funny thing, as well as the part where she talks about someone trying to hand her their small child as she passed through the audience 😀


The footage of the tour concerts is great, as well as the F.A.N.S parts, where they sing Manias with all their hearts, holding flags and signs, or we meet some of the Brazilian fans who traveled to Mexico City just for her. When it comes to the Auditorio Nacional concerts, I was surprised (in a positive way) by a few things. First, that Thalia seemed to be afraid they wouldn’t sell out a concert there, not to mention two, that she was nervous about doing the shows there because of the standards that such a venue imposes, because to me these things are proof of what a humble artist he is. I was also impressed by how she dealt with the problems that appeared, like being sick, having trouble with the wardrobe or technical difficulties with the screens. She remained positive, joked about going on stage in her jeans and said that as long as the band would be able to play with her, everything would be alright. What a great attitude!

Another thing that I found interesting is what Thalia said in the car about constant flattery and being able to choose objective people, who are straightforward and honest with her. When I first watched this, I finally understood why she favorited a couple of my posts that weren’t the most praising ones, as I had also pointed out things that bothered me in them. Tommy is probably going to receive some hate for his dancers comment, but I agree with him on some level, I think it would have been a mistake to use them too much, but it would have also been a mistake not to use them at all.


The most emotional part of the documentary is given by the remembrance of Thalia’s mother, from the video in the beginning, to the edited images of her cheering for her daughter at rehearsals, to the earphones Thalia had custom made with her mother’s catchphrase “Venga mi reina, como de que no”, to the fans eyes in tears during Habitame Siempre… I said to myself I wasn’t going to cry this time, but I did it anyway…


On the other hand, the sweetest part is seeing Thalia’s children, we don’t get to see them that often, not to mention in a video, so those moments Thalia shared with us are magical. Matthew Alejandro made my heart melt in an instant and Sabrina Sakae is such a nice girl 🙂 I don’t know what was going through her mind when she asked if they were going to give the video to a stranger, but I loved that she was ok with that and even asked for it to happen 😀 I wish I could hug her and tell her we’re not strangers, we’re her friends!

Well, I think I should stop here, by adding only that I loved every bit of this documentary and if I hadn’t become Thalia’s fan 4 years ago after seeing Primera Fila and its documentary, that totally would have happened now. I hope this is an eye opener for those who still haven’t realized how AMAZING Thalia is!

Thalia and Sony Music, thank you for this wonderful gift!

Videos: Thalia – Amor a la Mexicana, Hits Medley (Viva Tour)


Well… here are the last two videos of Thalia’s DVD Viva Tour En Vivo (thank you Sony Music for uploading all of them), what a great ending to an excellent show!

Thalia saved the best for last, her iconic song, Amor a la Mexicana, was probably one of the most expected of the night by the 10.000 people who went to see her at the Auditorio Nacional and Thalia did not disappoint, showing once again how proud she is of being Mexican… and loving like one. 😀

Her face when she looked at the Hot Guy and he kissed her hand hahaha:


The Hits Medley was the most electric performance of the show, leaving everyone crave for more! It rose to the name of the tour, VIVA!, Thalia sang and danced her heart out and had the time of her life! Watching all this makes me really, really happy ♥ cause I love her so much and her happiness is my happiness too.

I hope this tour and especially the concerts in Mexico inspired Thalia to want to get back on stage soon!


Thanks for reading my VIVA! Tour posts!

Video: Thalía – NY – Medley (Viva Tour)

Or The One Where Thalia Gets Carried Like A Queen Through Auditorio Nacional 😀

Great song choice for this medley: No me ensenaste, Tu y Yo, Entre el mar y una estrella, Piel Morena
(I love how they sound with a live band) + ecstatic audience + Thalia being on Queen mode + those cool images during Tu y Yo = AWESOME video!


Video: Thalía feat. María José – Mujeres (Viva Tour)


Mujeres… Mujeres… I actually liked this song on Primera Fila, but I think that on Viva Tour it’s my least favorite one. And it’s all La Josa’s fault. There, I said it.

On a positive note, the intro of the video is quite interesting and I liked Yuri’s message as well (wish they’d chosen the duet with her for the DVD).

Sorry, this is all I got… Next video please!

Video: Thalia – Manias (Viva Tour)


Ah, Manias… Thalia promoted this song as if it had been the only one on Habitame Siempre: we have a lyric video, a backstage video, an official / HS concert video, a Jump Smokers remix, a playback performance at Sabado Gigante, a breathtaking live performance at La Voz Mexico, another incredible live performance at Premios Cadena Dial, another one at Premios Juventud aaaand a remixed one at Teleton Mexico. Did I miss anything? Edit: Oh, yes. Manias in Portuguese.

Well, in case you haven’t had enough already, here’s the Viva Tour performance 😀

To be honest, despite the Manias mania, I enjoyed this performance as much as the other ones… and of course, such a beloved song couldn’t have missed from the set list.

Like with Equivocada, it’s great to hear the audience joined in one voice, I also liked the mic that she used for this one, the roses moment and that firm handshake with that adorable little man hehe. Needless to say, her vocal performance was outstanding, as always.

I also feel like making a bad comment and I can’t keep it to myself, so here it goes 😀 I don’t understand why so many people on the front row were using their cameras / phones. I mean, I get it, it’s epic to be so close to her and naturally, you want to have a video to go with the memories you’re making. But… not when you know that the concert is being recorded for a DVD! Now, where can I see that footage? 😛

Video: Thalia – Hoy ten miedo de mi (Viva Tour)


I’m really getting used to having a new Thalia video every couple of days, it’s gonna be sad when there will be no more Viva Tour videos left… and that’s gonna be soon…

Anyway, today we have an incredible performance of Hoy ten miedo de mi, a song unlike any other that Thalia’s ever sung. I love the passion she puts in those lyrics, especially when she’s at “Yo se lo que siento, yo se lo que cortan despues unos labios” and “Todo por no hacerme un poco de caso”.

That end note was beautiful too, but we’re already used to Thalia mastering those long, impressive,
mic-held-30-cm-(or more)-away-from-her notes, aren’t we? 🙂 – so that was just the cherry on top of the cake!

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite Viva Tour video, as they are all wonderful, but if I were to make a list of all of them, this one would definitely be among the top 3.

Videos: Thalia – Como / EAV, Con los anos, No soy el Aire (Viva Tour)

We have three new Viva Tour videos to enjoy and talk about, so let’s get to it!


Besides Ensename a vivir, Como is also one of my favorite tracks on Primera Fila, the song’s intro always moves something inside of me, I can’t even explain it… So I’m happy that Thalia chose it for the tour / DVD and I really loved her performance 🙂

Also, that person holding her hand like that… SO LUCKY!


The EAV performance was quite entertaining, despite the fact that Thalia only did a small part of it and then ran backstage for an outfit change, leaving the stage to a group of dancers and the song to the backing vocalists. As someone who’s named her blog after the song though, I wish she’d done a full performance of it and leave the outfit break for another one. Oh well 😀

I loved Thalia’s excitement while introducing the three guys for Con los anos que me quedan, as well as her smile and the sparkle in her eyes throughout the entire video. I think her vocal performance was exceptional, the song is still one of my least favorites, but I’m fascinated by her singing, if that makes sense.

Also, her “travesura” face is one of my absolute favorites 😀 Remember this? I need gifs!



Finally, No soy el aire… As with Tomame o dejame, Thalia not only sings the song, but also uses her body language to portray the lyrics. And some wind in her hair to make the performance even more impressive 😀 The band outro, accompanied by those images on the screen, was also great!

Also, look at her walk away, so fierce!


Ok, it feels like it took me forever to write this post so I’m gonna end it here, hope you liked it!

Let me know what you thought of these videos!

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