Tgag no. 20

When you find out that the best fansite about Thalia ever = is gone…


…all that hard work of over 6 years, all those articles, all those HQ and Ultra HQ, rare and old photos of Thalia… simply gone…


…wrongfully deleted without a notice, with no explanation and with no remorse by the hosting company.

tgag20-4 But on the bright side…


…Mariel aka the creator of is already ready to move on and make a new and even better site under a new name… and that’s just great!


I just want to say that I admire Mariel for everything she’s done with that site, although to me and to many other fans it’s been such a sad thing to find out that it’s gone, her positive attitude and focus onto continuing her work is truly inspiring. In the name of all the fans of I applaud Mariel for all her dedication, for always being the first in bringing the best news and materials about Thalia and for not giving up on us even when things got tough. Thank you for everything and we look forward to your new site!


Mariel, I’m sending you a big hug! You’re awesome and I’m glad you’re my friend!



Tgag no. 19


Thalia: Guess the title of the fourth song on my new album “Amore Mio”!


Me: (sarcastically) Oh, I’m sure it’s Cerveza en Mexico!


Thalia: Cerveza en Mexico! That’s the title of the fourth song on my album!




I mean… Cerveza en Mexico?


Well… ok then!


Tgag no. 18

I haven’t done a post like this since March… oops! For those of you who don’t know, Tgag is a series of posts of that I think are funny… but you probably won’t. Having said that, yesterday as I was taking the screenshots of the Sino a ti video my imagination went wild as I came across some frames that are just perfect 😀 Here are some of my takes on them, feel free to provide more captions!

When you drop your phone in the toilet:


“I don’t know how to tell you this… but… you’ve got a pimple riiiiight… there”:


When your best friend tells you a dirty joke:


When your friend tells you all about her crush:


When your friend shows you a cool thing she just learned:


When you wear heels for the first time:


Tgag no. 17

If you’ve watched/read about this year’s Oscars, you probably know that John Travolta hilariously presented Idina Menzel (the voice of Frozen’s character Elsa and performer of Let it go) as Adele Dazeem. created a little widget that lets you “Travoltify” your name, so I thought I’d use it to see what Thalia’s would be 😀

I’ll let the images speak for themselves:






Tgag no. 16

As I was watching the Atmosfera video for my post, I realized that Katy Perry did it again!

After copying Thalia’s 1993 Love performance at the 2013 VMAs,


as well as the cover of her album El sexto sentido,


now there’s this:


not to mention that Thalia did the whole Egypt thing back in 1992 (yes, it was also Love)

Shame on you, Katy Perry! 😀


This post is dedicated to all those who actually believe that Katy Perry is copying Thalia.

Tgag no. 15

Thalia at the Grammy Awards 2014:


Idea & photo stolen from here

I just thought it’s hilarious 😀

 Seriously though, she should have been nominated & she should have been there!

Tgag no. 14

This morning I ended up on a Facebook page called “Memes de Thalia” and found a hilarious video posted there. It’s rather old and most of you probably know it, but I hadn’t seen it before and it cracked me up!

If the eternal “rivalry” between Thalia and Paulina Rubio is a topic that stirs you up, you’re gonna love this, whether you’ve seen it before or not!

Enjoy! 😀

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