Ever since my admiration for you started to grow more and more each day, I wanted to find a way to tell you how I feel, and a perfect moment to do it. Today’s that day and I hope you’ll get a chance to read these words.

If you remember, a few months ago I told you how listening to Equivocada and watching the video changed the opinion I had about you, making me realize I was also “equivocada” for not realizing what a wonderful woman and artist you are, for not have listened to your music before. I also told you that Primera Fila has become my one and only favorite album, the one which goes straight to my heart and which I’ll cherish forever.

I must admit that years ago, I only knew like two of your songs, Amor a la Mexicana (because of the success your telenovelas had in Romania) and later on, No me ensenaste. I loved that song, but it never crossed my mind to try to find out more about the person who sang it. Everything changed starting with October, last year, when one day, as I was reading a music blog, I found an article about Equivocada, your new single back then. I was more than impressed, that song had become my newest “music obsession”, I listened to it on and on. But it wasn’t just the music, the song that impressed me, it was also you new image, which was actually you true image, the one you’d been keeping to yourself and to your closest friends and family. I discovered you natural beauty, your kindness and your ability to share your emotions through music. After that, the time passed and I forgot that you were about to release a new album. It was only in March, this year, when I remembered, so I went on Youtube and was amazed when I found your songs and watched parts of your show. It was then when I fell in love with Primera Fila.

As I was using Twitter too, I was surprised when I searched for you name and saw that you were there. I was so happy that I found a way to be in touch with you, to read about the things that are going on in your life, to be closer to you. In the meantime, I had watched a lot of videos and interviews on Youtube, admiring you more and more with each new thing I learnt about you.

The most important thing that I want you to know is that you have become my role model. Everything you do and everything you say and tweet inspires me day by day and I know that by following your advice, your power of going through obstacles, your optimism, you love for life and living, I’ll be a better and a happier person.

The reason I’m writing you all this is because today you and your thalyfamily, we, are all celebrating a year of Primera Fila, we’re celebrating my favorite album, and since you finished recording it on the 30th of July, then it was on the same day in which I turned 18. So we’re here, a year later, celebrating joy, life, love, passion and fulfillment, while tomorrow I will be celebrating my birthday. From now on, I’d like to consider Primera Fila as a special gift from you, a gift you’ll be giving me each year on my birthday.

In the end, I just want to say THANK YOU for everything.

With love and respect,
Ana-Maria 🙂


Esto es lo que te escribia exactamente hace un ano atras, y hoy me atrevo a continuar mi carta en espanol.

Han pasado tantas cosas, hasta podria decir que hemos pasado por tantas cosas juntas, porque durante todo este tiempo te senti mas cerca que nunca. Fue una experiencia maravillosa para mi poder vivir contigo la ilusion de tu nuevo embarazo desde aquel dia que nos compartiste la gran noticia, ver tu rostro radiante, la felicidad en tus ojos, la emocion que te llenaba cada vez que nos contabas algo de tu “barriguita enorme”, el misterio de que si nuestro Yuyu iba a ser un nino o una nina, todos los babyshowers que has disfrutado junto a tus seres queridos y a todos nosotros. Todo eso fue posible gracias a ti y a esta conexion especial que tienes con todos tus fans, que realmente se siente como una familia.

Y asi, como una familia, te hemos acompanado tambien en uno de los momentos mas dificiles de tu vida… Solo quiero decir que me impresiono muchisimo tu fortaleza y sobre todo tu fe en Dios, es una de las cosas que nunca voy a olvidar, fue una gran leccion para mi, y creo que para muchos tambien, ver tu fe y tu relacion tan cercana con Dios durante estos ultimos meses. Si te acuerdas, no hace mucho que te envie la historia del Angel llamado “Mama”… No tengo palabras para expresar lo mucho que deseaba poder hacer algo por ti, no importaba lo insignificate que podia parecer, y al saber que leiste esa historia, senti que logre mi proposito. Quiero que sepas que siempre estare a tu lado, desde aqui, un rinconcito mas en el mundo, y nunca te voy a soltar la mano…

Aqui estamos una vez mas, celebrando 2 anos desde que estamos contigo en “Primera Fila” y el exito bien merecido de este album, con el cual nos dejaste abierta la puerta de tu corazon, y tambien estamos celebrando el primer mes de vida de tu angelito Matthew Alejandro, tu rayito de luz y de esperanza. Y por supuesto, mi 20 cumpleanos, manana. 🙂

Con mucho amor,
Ana-Maria 🙂


My dear Thalia,

It almost slipped my mind that last year and two years ago this day I was writing those letters to you, reading them now I thought it would be nice to continue the “tradition” and start a new one.

First of all I’d like to thank you for reading my first two letters and for letting me know that you did, telling me, in a few words, what you thought of them. I’ll always keep that in my ♥

Over the past year I’ve watched you as you were “Growing Stronger” with each day that passed, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how you changed the meaning of the days, having Friday turn into #TerapiaDeRisa, Saturday into #TerapiaDeAbrazos and Sunday into #PensamientosPositivos as a way of coping with what you’ve been through, at the same time allowing us to be closer to you. I was happy to see you reconnect with your sister Laura and my heart melted when I first met baby Matthew Alejandro, just like it did every time you shared a photo or told a sweet and short story about him. I’ve watched you release this incredible book and thanks to it I discovered a lot of things I did not know about you, which made me feel like I got to know you better. I could keep going on, but in fact, all the things I’d like to say to you can be found among the posts of this blog, as they’re all dedicated to you and are constant letters from me, to you.

After 3 years since the birth of Primera Fila, I think its epic success is no longer a doubt to anyone, an album which spent 138 weeks (and counting) in Mexico’s Top 100 (without even mentioning all its other certifications) is definitely a masterpiece. And now… we’re all looking forward to listening to your new album, I’m sure Primera Fila’s “little sibling” will follow its steps. You just wait and see.

I just hope one day I’ll be able to meet you in person, even if just for a few seconds, enough to look into your eyes and give you a real hug.


PS: And yes, tomorrow’s my birthday, I’m turning 21! 😀


Dear Thali,

Looking back at all these letters I wrote to you every year on this very day, it feels as if they are letters wrote to a lifelong friend. I can’t really explain it, but reading them now gives me a sense of calm… and I’m grateful for being able to write another one, while recalling some of the great things that happened since my last letter a year ago.

Like I said in my previous letter, Primera Fila’s little sibling followed its steps, Habitame Siempre is an incredible album and everything, from the hints you would give us every now and then, to the anticipation and finally the moment we welcomed this album, as well as what happened after that has been wonderful. It’s also been exciting to see you more VIVA! than ever with this tour you’ve given us and yourself, as I’m sure you needed being back on stage as much as we needed it. It’s funny that I’m saying “we”, since I haven’t actually been to any of your concerts, nevertheless watching videos of them and writing my own reviews made me feel as if I had been part of the audience too, living and enjoying every moment.

What else can I say? Just that as time goes by I’m more and more certain you’re an Angel sent on Earth to inspire everyone with your voice, your personality, your kindness and everything you are and do and I’m happy to be one of those people who can see that. I’m an incredible lucky person for having you in my life, so once again, thank you for that.

I can’t end this letter without dedicating a few words to Primera Fila, which to this day is still the most special album to me, the reason why I got to know and love you and also the reason why I started writing these letters to you. It’s time to celebrate another year of its existence, along with every note, every lyric and every emotion that you shared with all of us.


Hoy la vida me ha dicho que nunca es tarde
Hoy la tarde al caer me hablo de ti
Y me dijo al oído no seas cobarde
Que ha llegado la hora de ser feliz.

Te invito a caminar el mundo entero
Hoy por primera vez se lo que quiero
Enséñame a vivir.

La vida me ha dado cosas buenas
Solo te pido
Enséñame a vivir.

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  2. cristhian azzaretti
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 22:51:19

    me encanta todo lo que decis te amo en poquito que tengo de corazon te quiero


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