Thalia answers 25 exclusive questions for ePura (English translation)


Do you know that series called “73 questions with *insert celebrity name here*” that Vogue has on its YouTube channel? Well, ePura has just released a video with a very similar concept, where they ask Thalia 25 questions during a quick break as she’s working on a secret project (hmmm, I wonder what all that is about and when exactly was this recorded).

Anyway, back to the video, I feel like translating it so that more people can enjoy it, cause it’s pretty cool. So, here it goes!

  1. Q: Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
    A: I prefer warm weather.
  2. Q: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
    A: The first thing I do when I wake up is go back to sleep.
  3. Q: What’s your secret for always looking great?
    A: My secret for looking great? Having a positive attitude, seeing the world through rainbow colored glasses, trying to laugh and tell jokes.
  4. Q: If you could take 3 things to a deserted island, what would they be?
    A: 3 things to a deserted island… I would take… my family, obviously, lots of water bottles, ePura of course… and I would also take chocolate!
  5. Q: What makes you the happiest?
    A: What makes me the happiest is… my children’s smiles, I love watching them, they are so fun, I have such a great time with them and I love being a mother, my children make me happy.
  6. Q: What do you have in your fridge?
    A: In my fridge I have… yogurt, salami, all kinds of things, I love eating, I’m a big eater, I also like kefir and… what else do I have? I have lots of things! Cherries! Lots of cherries!
  7. Q: What would you make if you needed something fast and healthy?
    A: A multi grain bread with Swiss cheese and ham, mustard and there you go! Time to eat!
  8. Q: Which one of your songs is your favorite?
    A: Of my songs? All of them! But in general I like The Doors, Aerosmith, Sade (?) I like lots of artists, I love music.
  9. Q: What’s the thing you enjoy the most while exercising?
    A: The thing I enjoy the most is stretching, it’s wonderful.
  10. Q: What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
    A: My biggest challenge was Lyme disease and I overcame it by taking good care of myself, changing my lifestyle, being healthier, more full of harmony, peace, of gratitude, of fully enjoying the life.
  11. Q: How do you mix your professional life with being a mother and a wife?
    A: Professional life & being a mother and a wife… it’s distressing! It gives me anxiety cause it’s a lot, I feel like a mime, a juggler.
  12. Q: What other profession would you have liked to have?
    A: I would have liked to be a biologist, to work in criminology with my father, doing dissections and finding the cause of death.
  13. Q: What do you do to spoil yourself?
    A: I take a hot shower, I meditate and I sing. [Laughs in Spanish 😛 cause we can see someone in the mirror]
  14. Q: What’s your favorite holiday destination?
    A: This! The bathtub! You’ll find one anywhere, that makes it the best holiday spot in the world. Am I right?
  15. Q: What do you usually keep in your bag?
    A: Cosmetics, money, lots of sweets and chocolates and energy bars for when I get hungry… and lots of my kids’ toys, which I have no idea how they get there!
  16. Q: What’s your favorite song at the moment?
    A: My favorite song at the moment is… “Frutas”!
  17. Q: What’s your favorite fan club?
    A: All of them! They’re all my favorite because there’s nothing more beautiful than the love the people give me, their passion and dedication, being with me everyday through social media and coming to see me when I have a performance.
  18. Q: What’s your secret for taking care of your skin?
    A: Always washing it in the morning and at night, using morning and night cream, and most importantly, drinking lots and lots of water.
  19. Q: Describe us your ideal date.
    A: One where they court me, they bring me lots of roses, where there’s romantic music and great food because that’s how you’ll win my heart.
  20. Q: What do you value the most in life?
    A: The people that are with me.
  21. Q: What advice would you give people for taking care of their body?
    A: I advise them to always move their bodies, the latest disease is being sedentary so always move your body. It will make you feel younger, feel good and you’ll gain so much strength!
  22. Q: How are you so charismatic?
    A: Charismatic, me? Not at all! But I am cheerful and happy and I think that is what I want to pass on to my people.
  23. Q: What is the first thing you think about when I say Mexico?
    A: Joy, party, music, great food, lots of friends.
  24. Q: What is your ideal spot for songwriting?
    A: The plane, I always write songs on planes.
  25. Q: If you could travel back in time, what year would you choose and why?
    A: I’d travel to the time of Jesus Christ, so I could be next to Him and listen to Him. That’s what I would do.

I have to say I enjoyed this a lot (which is also why I decided to post it here), it was fun to watch Thalia answer all these questions while also walking from room to room, jumping on the bed, getting in the bathtub! And it’s also been a great way of learning new things about her! So thanks ePura & Thalia for making this video!


More photos and interviews of Thalia and Laura Pausini


It seems that we get something new from the recording of the Sino a ti music video every day, just enough to make the wait harder and harder 😀

People En Español published a few photos from the making of the video and an article from which I’ll only present these phrases:

“I was afraid to approach her, I didn’t know if she knew me.” Laura Pausini about Thalia. I mean… her modesty is inspiring.

“I could sing this song only with her, because I wanted a female voice that would be exactly like mine.” again, Laura about Thalia. Well, it was about time they did a song together!




We also have this interview they gave to Hola:

Thalia’s face when Laura talks about Mexico, aaaawww 🙂

“I swear there’s no better gift than such a powerful song, really, because when you listen to it and the lyrics and you think about it […] when she told me it’s a song dedicated to a child and I listened to it, I sang it and pictured the face of my son Mateo, it’s just perfect. It’s perfect for a child, a lover, for everything.”  Thalia

Check out my posts Laura Pausini & Thalia – Mommies and besties (Reforma Gente) and Thalia and Laura Pausini filmed the music video for “Sino a ti” for more!

What’s interesting is that in these interviews we’ve seen so far, we haven’t got the chance to listen to a bit of Thalia’s part of the duet *the suspense is killing me*

I’ll update this post if anything new comes up!

Thalia on Mojoe

One of the highlights of Thalia’s recent visit to Mexico is definitely her interview with Yolanda Andrade on the late-night show Mojoe. Thalia and Yolanda have been friends since childhood and this wasn’t her first time on the show either, so the interview was more interesting than those we usually see during an album promotion. You can clearly see the connection between them and unlike most hosts, Yolanda asked some really fascinating questions that brought wonderful answers.

I thought about doing an audio transcript in English of the whole conversation, but the interview is quite long and it would be time-consuming for me, so instead I’m just going to quickly talk about what’s been said, mainly for those who didn’t fully understand.

  • Yolanda was the first person (other than Tommy, the kids, the producer etc.) who listened to Viva Kids. They were in Thalia’s office and as they started talking about Thalia’s mother, they suddenly heard her voice, which happened because the album was stored in a music library that also contained a recorded phone message that Thalia’s mother had left her. It was an intense experience and when Yolanda asked Thalia about it, she didn’t recall it immediately, saying that she must have blocked it from her memory.
  • Yolanda then pointed out that the album is titled Volume 1 and that people are always so anxious to know when the next thing is coming and they joked about doing a show (Thalia had already declared that she doesn’t plan on doing a Viva Kids show and dance in a tutu at 42.)
  • Thalia then talked about how the songs on the album remind her of certain people, like “Vamos a Jugar” which takes her back to the “Juguemos a cantar” festival where she was impressed with the boy who performed that song, or “En el bosque de la China”, which reminds her precisely of Yolanda’s face.
  • The two friends shared an “aaaaaw” moment when Yolanda offered Thalia a custom made jacket that featured the photo of her idol, Maria Felix, while hers had a photo of Thalia as a little girl. (And I just fell in love with their friendship ).
  • Asked if she was a happy girl growing up, Thalia said that she was very happy, but also very solitary and introspective, a girl who worked a lot as she was an artist. She started working at 7 in the children’s group Din Din, the same age her daughter Sabrina is now. Despite all the responsibility that came with her work, Thalia said that she still was a little girl, who played with her colleagues and had a great time on stage. Yolanda corrected her by saying that in fact she never stopped being a little girl and Thalia couldn’t agree more.
  • After giving a heartfelt speech on adulthood and the inner child, Yolanda asked Thalia about the most important things she would leave to her kids if something were to happen to her, other than the yacht, the house, the plane 😛 to which Thalia replied that she cherished her children and taught them to love life, to be confident in themselves and say things as they are and filled them with respect and love. Asked what she sees in her daughter that she got from her, Thalia said that thousands of things, like the fact that she’s tenacious and always finds a way to get what she wants.
  • “What did you lack as a little girl?” To this Thalia replied that she didn’t have friends and she would spend time in her room, playing with a doll house, rearranging its rooms all the time, another thing that she would do was listen to the radio or play outside in the garden, with leaves and sticks and stones, which is something that she wants to pass along to her children, she wants them to learn to entertain themselves with things found in nature, with normal and simple things instead of being caught in the consumerism world we live in nowadays.
  • Fun fact: one of Thalia’s sisters is named “Ana Cecilia Luisa Gabriela Maria Fernanda”
  • The taste of noodle soup takes Thalia back to the days when she lived in Santa Maria la Ribera in Mexico City, while the scent of milk with honey gives her peace.
  • Thalia likes to feel paint (or paintings), her children’s faces, their eyes, their eyelashes… like I said, wonderful answers to fascinating questions.
  • “What’s something that you didn’t experience?” “High school (I think that’s the translation of “prepa” but I’m not sure)… going to playdates and friends’ parties… but I had other priceless experiences, I traveled the world, discovered different cultures, languages, the love for my work, made my country renowned in strange places through my work and my name, exotic places that I never imagine existed…” with this the two friends shared another emotional moment and mentioned the misconceptions people have of them, like those who think that Thalia is superficial or those who think that Yolanda acts crazy, when the truth is completely different. Thalia continued with another wise thing, saying that everyone has their own human sides that belong to them (and not everyone gets to see them)…
  • Thalia also said that everything she went through because of Lyme helped her become a new person, it made her stronger than ever and feel like she was born again.
  • With respect to her fans that were camping out before the album signing, Thalia said that she finds it impressive and surprising, that she sometimes feels like the love her fans have for her is so big that she doesn’t even know what to do with it, that she’s overwhelmed by all that love, emotions, warmth…
  • Thalia: “We are all lucky, blessed, I think everyone has that, it just depends on how you see things. I strongly believe in God, I have a very personal relationship with him, not like going to church and all that, but it’s very personal.” Loooved this!

  • When it comes to adulation, Thalia says it intimidates her and she doesn’t believe any of it. She says she puts a lot of love in everything she does and shares her work to her audience hoping that they’d welcome her into their lives, but when she’s promoting that work and everyone tells her how much they love it, it intimidates her. She’s so modest…
  • Yolanda made me smile once again when she mentioned Russia as one of the places where people associate Mexico with Thalia’s name 😀
  • When Thalia was painting she asked Yolanda not to watch but entertain her in the meantime, so she started saying random words to which Thalia had to associate others. Here they are:

muffin – delicious

fart – watery (LOL)

Mexico – the craziness

sea – freedom

boobs – flabby (LOL again)

loneliness – far from me

eyes – ???

sobbing – no more, no…

double chin – mine, enjoy it

song – “En el bosque de la china”

  • “Why do you always draw the eye?” “Because I like to see, to observe” “And why those huge eyelashes?” “To see you better” (Little Red Riding Hood reference)
  • “What else do you want to tell to those fans of yours?” “That I adore them, that my double chin is beautiful…”

Basically this second part of the interview is just two crazy friends making each other laugh 😀 I loved seeing Thalia paint and I have to say I’m impressed once again. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Moreover, Thalia joined forces with the Ver Bien foundation to help the kids of the Michou y Mau foundation receive eye examinations and the glasses they need. Hats off to all of them!

Well, what else is there left to say? This interview was simply perfect and I’m so glad it happened! Aaaand I’m starting to believe I should have done the transcript instead hahaha Hope you’ve enjoyed and found this post useful 😀 Thanks for reading!

Thalia interviews Daniela Mercury on Conexion Thalia

artwork by @LaNegraNathalie

Having sold over 20 million albums worldwide, Daniela Mercury is one of the greatest Brazilian artists.

In case you missed it, here’s Thalia’s chat with her on Conexion Thalia!

Enjoy! 🙂

Thalia on HuffPost Live

Oh. My. God. I just finished watching this interview and I think it’s already become my favorite one EVER! As I’m writing this all I wanna do is watch it again and again! *bursts with excitement*

I’m happy whenever the people at write about Thalia so an interview is such a treat! Out of all the interviews she’s been giving lately about Chupie, this is by far the best one, you can see she’s so relaxed, their conversation is so pleasant, like they’ve been friends for a long time, not to mention they talked about so many other things too.

Apparently Thalia’s preparing TWO new albums (other than the Viva Tour En Vivo), when I read about it earlier today I didn’t quite believe it, but now after hearing it from her I’m really eager to find out more! The first one is in the mastering process and will be released in the first trimester of 2014, while the second one is intended to be a summer album. Whoa!

Aaaand she’s also preparing something for the fashion world! New collection, maybe? We shall wait and see!

Ok, enough talking, if you haven’t already watched the video, click play!

Thanks so much to Erika for uploading it on Youtube (WordPress, I hate your embeding system)  Thanks Mariel for uploading it on Dailymotion (Youtube, I hate you too) and a shoutout to my lucky friend Hovag for getting two questions answered!

Oh, one last thing… raise your hand if you too have fallen in love with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin O/ 😀

Video: Thalia: Los 50 mas bellos backstage interview (Sal y pimienta)

As I told you a few days ago, Sal y pimienta aired a new backstage interview of Thalia during the People en Espanol: Los 50 mas bellos photoshoot. What I didn’t expect then was that they’d bring up Mother’s Day and what it means for Thalia this year… which made the interview even more special…


Laura Zapata’s interview @ Conexion Thalia

Not long ago, Laura Zapata tweeted that she would be on her sister’s radio show, Conexion Thalia. Well, today we get the chance to listen to that interview! I confess that I don’t know that much about Laura, but I did watch her in telenovelas like Maria Mercedes and Rosalinda and I can say that she’s an amazing actress.

We all know that her relationship with Thalia got cold some years ago and that recently they’ve reunited, so now they’re reconnecting and enjoying their sisterhood, which makes me very happy. I think it’s great that they’ve been able to forgive each other for everything, get a fresh start and that they now get along so well.

They talked about Laura’s future project, turns out that she’s going to release an album and after listening to her sing a little part of a song on the show,  it’s obvious that it’s going to be a success, she sings beautiful (guess that it runs in the family 🙂 ) and also about her current work, being a judge on one of Univision’s TV shows – Protagonistas and what changes it brought in her life. They also mentioned Laura’s work as an actress and the monologue “No seré feliz, pero tengo marido”.

It was a nice interview, with laughs and a lot of information and… I almost shed a tear when they were telling each other how much they love one another (for some reason it really touched me).

Here’s the podcast of the show, courtesy of

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