Thalia was a Dancing Queen in Latina Love Tour NY concert


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The second concert of Thalia’s Latina Love Tour took place at the Beacon Theater in New York City on Wednesday, September 28, with special guests Fat Joe and Chiky Bom Bom “La Pantera”. The show was even better than the first one and Thalia gave everything she had on that stage, but we’ll talk more about that in a sec.

The most beautiful moment of the night happened during “Por lo que reste de vida”, the performance started with a visibly nervous Thalia and a slight mix-up with the lyrics (which I absolutely adored ♥) and was suddenly interrupted mid-song with a “Wait guys, wait one second…”.

As I was watching the video for the first time I was like, “what is going on?” and then after a few words Thalia introduced Kirk, one of the designers of her Thalia Sodi Collection… he got up on stage with his boyfriend and SURPRISE! He popped the question right then and there! How romantic is that?!


pic via Thalia

It was such an emotional and unforgettable moment and Thalia’s reaction is priceless, you can see her freaking out in the back, grabbing the guitarist’s arm like “hold me, I can’t believe this is happening!!” I’m so happy for these guys, by the way, he said YES! and everyone was in tears, I’m in tears and LOVE IS LOVE!

Ok, now back to the concert. As I was watching some other videos I realized something… Thalia has found a great balance between singing and dancing, she’s delivering some stunning vocal moments – with songs like “Que sera de ti”, “Equivocada”, “Habitame siempre” and “Gracias a Dios” – while also presenting a fun show full of energy and dance at the same time. This woman dances her heart out during these concerts and I love that! Let’s take a closer look, shall we? Thanks again to Mercia Silva for sharing the videos!

Exhibit A: “Insensible” – Look at her go towards the end of the songs! Love those moves!

Exhibit B: “No, no, no” + “El proximo viernes” – During “No, no, no” she dances with a fan (shout out to Samir for this awesome experience! I’m happy for you man!) and then she busts some more moves during “El proximo viernes”

Exhibit C: “Todavia te quiero” – dance girl, dance! The only thing missing here is a dance partner, that would have looked even better! Tommy, where are you?

Exhibit D: “Frutas” – Pure energy & FUN!

And finally: “Tiki tiki ta” – I mean, at this point she’s basically on fire! Just look at her, she’s having the time of her life and this concert just turned into a party!

I’m honestly in such a terrific mood after watching all these videos, it gives me life to see her enjoying herself like that on stage, it’s like watching joy in it’s purest form! Like I said in the title of this post, Thalia was a Dancing Queen during this concert! And the best part is that it’s not over! I have a feeling the Miami show is gonna be awesome as well! So I’ll see you here with another review soon! Until then, thanks for reading!

Thalia’s Latina Love Tour is pure dynamite!


Latina Love Tour debuted last night, with a sold-out show at the State Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I can’t believe it’s already been three years since I wrote about the first night of VIVA! Tour but I can tell you this: Thalia is back with a show that’s even more explosive, more full of energy and life, that will keep you dancing song after song!

The setlist included the smashing hit “Desde esa noche”, upbeat songs like “Frutas”, “Tiki Tiki Ta”,  “Todo”, “La movidita”, “De ti”, the “Vuelveme a Querer” remix and the electric “Más”. Classics like “Amor a la Mexicana”, “Piel Morena”, the novelas medley (“Rosalinda / Marimar / Maria la del Barrio”), “No me enseñaste” couldn’t miss either, while bachata fans got a special treat with “Te perdiste mi amor” and “No, no, no”.

Here are my highlights after I’ve watched a few videos on Youtube, with many thanks to the good soul Mercia Silva who recorded and posted them for us to enjoy (you can check out her channel for more).

  • The opening, because of the song selection (I wish she’d sing “Noches sin luna” though…), loved what was going on on the screen, and because those moments before the artist shows up on the stage are always so exciting!

  • “Gracias a Dios”, because I love the slow version at the beginning! Great vocals! And that little girl who got up on stage was so cute!

  • “Por lo que reste de vida”, I think this is the first time we got to hear it 100% live and it was worth the wait!

  • The sexy “La movidita”, I love love love it!

  • And the fun “De ti”, one of my faves from Latina, I’m even dancing here in my chair while writing this!

  • Aaaaand *drums* the best moment of the entire show and actually one of my favorite moments from Thalia’s entire career – “Más” where she actually plays a bedazzled electric guitar! My favorite thing about live performances is when an artist that doesn’t play any instrument suddenly starts playing one during a song. It’s priceless. And I’ve been waiting for her to do this for so long! *clap clap clap* Can we get a stripped performance of “Equviocada” now, with just her and an acoustic guitar? Yes, I always want “más” hehe

I could go on and on an post all the videos from the concert, I’ll just stick to adding a couple of special mentions:

  • “Equivocada” because this song is so special to me I just have to

  • and “Habitame Siempre”, because that song is so special to Thalia

pics via Thalia 4Ever

Can we also talk about the fact that the people in the front row were inches away from her? And she got close to them every chance she got? Now that’s the perfect concert experience! However in my opinion it sucks when people take advantage of that and get up on stage uninvited during the performance, taking pictures, hugging her, but contrary to what the media has been saying these past few days, she handles these situations very gracefully and lovingly towards her fans.

At some point, she even jumped into the crowd as you can see in this video, but since everyone had to throw their phones to catch her, there isn’t any video footage after that 😛

I absolutely loved what I’ve seen from the show and I can only imagine how amazing it must have been to be in that audience and just live it, hopefully Thalia will bring this tour to Europe too *fingers crossed*

I’m excited for the upcoming shows as I’m sure there will be more surprises and special guests. If you still haven’t got tickets, what are you waiting for? Check out Thalia’s Instagram for dates and tickets info!

Videos: Thalia – Como / EAV, Con los anos, No soy el Aire (Viva Tour)

We have three new Viva Tour videos to enjoy and talk about, so let’s get to it!


Besides Ensename a vivir, Como is also one of my favorite tracks on Primera Fila, the song’s intro always moves something inside of me, I can’t even explain it… So I’m happy that Thalia chose it for the tour / DVD and I really loved her performance 🙂

Also, that person holding her hand like that… SO LUCKY!


The EAV performance was quite entertaining, despite the fact that Thalia only did a small part of it and then ran backstage for an outfit change, leaving the stage to a group of dancers and the song to the backing vocalists. As someone who’s named her blog after the song though, I wish she’d done a full performance of it and leave the outfit break for another one. Oh well 😀

I loved Thalia’s excitement while introducing the three guys for Con los anos que me quedan, as well as her smile and the sparkle in her eyes throughout the entire video. I think her vocal performance was exceptional, the song is still one of my least favorites, but I’m fascinated by her singing, if that makes sense.

Also, her “travesura” face is one of my absolute favorites 😀 Remember this? I need gifs!



Finally, No soy el aire… As with Tomame o dejame, Thalia not only sings the song, but also uses her body language to portray the lyrics. And some wind in her hair to make the performance even more impressive 😀 The band outro, accompanied by those images on the screen, was also great!

Also, look at her walk away, so fierce!


Ok, it feels like it took me forever to write this post so I’m gonna end it here, hope you liked it!

Let me know what you thought of these videos!

Videos: Thalia – VIVA! Tour – New York

Here are a few videos of Thalia’s concert in New York, enjoy!

Atmosfera + Que sera de ti

Tomame o dejame (loved to hear the audience sing like that!)

Estoy enamorado – with Pedro Capo (I kept saying I don’t really like bachatas, but I LOVE this one! they should have done this version on 1/F! or at least record it now! ♥)

Seduccion + A quien le importa + Arrasando (had to post it again, in case you missed it the first time :P)

You can find more videos here.

Videos: Thalia – VIVA! Tour – Los Angeles

Apparently I can’t keep up with Thalia! She’s had only a few concerts so far and I’ve already fallen behind with writing my posts about them.

Here are some videos from the two VIVA! Tour concerts in LA:

  • 1st concert

Habitame siempre

Que sera de ti

Estoy enamorado, duet with Gerardo Ortiz

  • 2nd concert

Munequita linda

Te perdiste mi amor (min 1:00 to 2:40 are priceless haha)

Thanks so much to Erika Thalía for making it easier for me to find these videos, if you wanna watch more, check out her playlists with over 50 videos each! 1st concert and
2nd concert

Videos: Thalia – VIVA! Tour – Chicago

Here are a few videos I really enjoyed watching (by the way, I’m still surprised the people in the audience were allowed to use their phones to record the show, but I can’t complain, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it from home :D):

These two are great, loved being able to see her big smile while singing and the audio is nice too! More, please!!


Seduccion + A quien le importa

thanks Erika Alina

Also, if you’ve got more time on your hands, watch these 3 ones too:

Atmosfera + Que sera de ti

Medley: Amarillo azul / Sangre / En la intimidad (a capella) +

Medley: Quinceanera / Rosalinda / Marimar / Maria la del barrio +

Tomame o dejame + Munequita linda

Equivocada + Estoy enamorada + Te perdiste mi amor + Mujeres +

Medley: No me ensenaste remix / Tu y yo / Entre el mar y una estrella / Amor a la mexicana

thanks David Molina

And if you still want more, check out Erika’s playlist with 41 videos, here.

Thalia – Sony Music Make Believe


Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credits: Thalia-Diva


plus one video I found on Youtube:


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