Audio: Carlos Vives – Todo Me Gusta ft. Thalía

When Thalía released “De ti” feat. Silvestre Dangond as part of her “Latina” album, I secretly wished it had been recorded with Carlos Vives instead, as he was the only vallenato singer I knew and I really liked some of his songs.

What do you know, a year later and a half later, I can listen to a song by Carlos Vives feat. Thalía as part of Carlos’ new album. Even though it’s not a vallenato 😕 the song sounds really good, I like the rhythm and the lyrics and I hope it will be released as single followed by a music video, cause right now it has the most views on Carlos’ YouTube channel.

Thalía has been sharing a lot of moments from the studio over the past months and after this song it’s even harder to wait for new music from her, I hope she’ll release something soon!

Until then, let’s enjoy Todo Me Gusta:

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